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    a creative agency

    Bliss & Bone is a destination for fashion and lifestyle brands and individuals that don’t want to look like anything or anyone else. We strive to create unique products, from luxury stationery sets and event print materials, to comprehensive graphic design and web solutions for you or your company. Whether you're a couple celebrating your special day, a business looking to rebrand and re-launch, or an individual looking to satisfy your one-of-a-kind appetite, our process is all about you - every word, every detail, every step.

    The Impression Starts Now.

    Who We Are

    Thoughtful. Artsy. Cultured. Independent. Disciplined. Fierce. Obsessive. Accomplished. Relentless. Tasteful. Avant-garde. Eccentric. Hysterical. Animal lover. Multicultural. Irreverent. Exclusive. Fashion-forward.
    Emphatically and Impeccably One-of-a-Kind.

    Who You Are

    Strong. Unique. Expressive. Opinionated. Experienced. Well-dressed. Demanding. Gorgeous. Imaginative. Artistic. Hopelessly romantic. Classic. Best friend. Well-traveled. Social. Perfectionist. Witty. Empirical.
    Ridiculously and historically hard to please.

    What We're Not (Us or You)

    Corporate. Mass produced. Assembly line. Same old same old. Off the shelf. Familiar. Status quo. Meek. Conservative. Played out. Stuffy. Twee. Tiresome. Copycat. Stuck up. Cutesy. Dated. Cheap. Insufferable.
    Someone who settles for less than the best.

    Owned by Carl & Cindy Skanderup, Bliss & Bone was started out of a love for fashion and design, and the desire to bring the two together in print and on screen.

    Cindy, Founder and Creative Director, began her career designing with companies like Tracy Reese and Ralph Lauren in Manhattan. After making a career switch and moving to Los Angeles, she launched her own design firm with clients like Nike, Vans, Whitney Eve and La Mer Collections. Cindy is the creative soul of Bliss & Bone and clients can’t get enough of her unique, edgy style. She loves the highest of heels and shortest of skirts, but most of the time you’ll find her wearing Lululemon. 

    Carl, Founder and COO, is the man behind the curtain. With over 10 years of business and finance experience, he manages all operations of the Company. From concept to creation, he is the master of details, making sure everything is perfect before it goes out the door. Good luck getting him to sit in one place for more than an hour at a time.

    Together, their vision for Bliss & Bone is simple - providing clean, modern design to fashion and lifestyle clients all over the world.

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