Moody Luxe

Bliss & Bone: Moody Luxe

Moody is everything when creating an experience - but dark doesn’t have to mean dreary. Mix jewel tones and deep metallics like bronze and tarnished brass to bring depth and luxury to your space.

Dishes: Unkown / Florals: Weekday Carnival / Dress: Pallas Couture / ​Interior: Unkown / Art: Koen Lybaert


Midnight in Paris

Bliss & Bone: Midnight in Paris

Evening strolls under the glow of Paris city lights dreaming of mystery, lovers and unlocked secrets.

Girls: Mikael Jansson / Salt: The French Farm / Journal: Valentinovo Kartice / Sign: Unknown / Statue: Chauncey Bradley Ives


Layers + Light

Bliss & Bone: Layers + Light

Who doesn’t want to walk into this dream of a mood board. Layers and light evoke feelings of calm as if walking among the clouds. Natural, white, ivory, the faintest hints of blue and golden ore combine to create the pinnacle of ethereal moments.

Ring: Unknown / Lips: Sang Sik Hong / Eggs: Dreamy Whites Blog / Painting: Vanessa Katz


Dreams + Darkness

Bliss & Bone: Dreams + Darkness

​Shattered reality, abundance, dreams and darkness are realized in this mood board with intricate lace, scattered florals and muted royal hues. If you love this look check out our Capulet Wedding Website.

Shattered Flowers: Line Klein / Black Unicorn: AnotherMag (Photographer Unknown) / Feathers: Mia Schmidt / Lion: Tim Walker / Girls: Unkown