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    How do I cancel my website?

    You can cancel your website subscription in your website admin (see steps below) by clicking the 'Manage Subscription' tab found in the left navigation.

    Once cancelled, your site will remain live until the end of the billing cycle. Please remember to cancel during the 7-day Free Trial period to avoid any charges. Once the Free Trial is over your card will be charged each month until cancellation.

    Steps on How to Cancel your Website Subscription

    1. After logging in, click on "MY ACCOUNT" in the upper right of the website. 


    2. Click on the square thumbnail icon under "MY WEBSITES". This will either a) take you directly into your website or b) if you have multiple website subscriptions, show you a page with all your websites. If you have multiple websites, click into the site you want to cancel.


    3. Click on "MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION" in the left navigation of your website admin.


    4. Click the "CANCEL WEBSITE" button.


    5. Confirm your cancellation.

    What if my subscription is accidentally cancelled?

    If you accidentally cancel your site or your site gets cancelled due to payment failure, contact us immediately!

    We maintain daily archives of all our sites just in case. It's a manual process on our end to re-activate a cancelled site, so we do charge a $35 fee to for the time it takes us to do that. Typically we can get a cancelled site back up and running within 24 hours.

    You will receive email notifications over the course of 10 days of any payment failures prior to your site being cancelled. If you receive a notice, you can update your billing information in the 'Subscription' section located in your Bliss & Bone Account under 'My Website'.