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    Envelopes + Liners


    We offer a wide range of envelope styles, sizes and colors to pair perfectly with your cards. We have both euro (rounded point) and square flap envelopes. Please note that not all envelope colors come in each size and style. Go through the DYO builder to see what's available.

    We suggest sealing your envelopes with a double sided tape roller that you can get at any local craft store. This is the most secure way to seal the flap.

    Reply Address Printing

    We can print on the envelopes using letterpress, foil or blind emboss, and can even flat print on the lighter envelope colors. Always make sure to select an ink color that is darker than your envelope to ensure legibility. For dark envelopes we recommend sticking to foil or blind emboss printing techniques.

    For information on guest address printing and calligraphy look here.

    Ordering the Right Amount

    Ordering the correct quantity of envelopes can be tricky and will depend on how you choose to handle guest addressing. If you decide to go with calligraphy, be sure to check with your calligrapher about the correct amount of overage needed. Most calligraphers typically require 20% extra for samples and mistakes.

    Envelope Liners

    We have over 100 prints and 30 papers available to be used as envelope liners. Our liners are flat printed on premium white paper to match the overall quality of your suite.