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    Papers + Sizes

    Paper Weight

    Our premium Bright White and Pearl White paper is availalbe in two weights or thickness. Our 1-ply paper is 350 gsm, while our 2-ply paper is 835 gsm, creating a thick and impressive piece. For the best letterpress or foil stamp impression we recommend selecting 2-ply.

    We also offer many non-white paper colors in both 1-ply and 2-ply. Note that flat printining is not availalbe on non-white papers since the result is varied and inconsistent. However, when used with letterpress or foil, they make for incredible and impactful invitations.

    Paper Colors

    We offer 2 whites, bright white and pearl white, and 31 premium color papers. We also offer Aspen and Maple wood veneer. These are real wood sheets both front and back—perfect for a modern-rustic vibe.

    Sizing Guide

    Below is a quick sizing guide for cards and envelopes. These are just general guidelines of what would be considered “standard”, but nothing is set in stone so feel free to make whatever you want!

    Invitations: A9, A7, 5.5 Sq, 6.5 Sq
    Save-the-Dates: A7, A6, 5.5 Sq.
    Reply Cards: 4-Bar, A2
    Inserts: A7, A6, A2, 4-Bar
    Menus: A9, A7, 5.5 Sq, 6.5 Sq, No. 10
    Programs: A9, No. 10