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    Private Events + Permissions

    How to use Groups + Permissions to create private events and personalized RSVP's

    If you have private events (Rehearsal Dinner, After Party, etc.) and only want certain people to see and RSVP to those events then it's best to use our Premium subscription. Here is an example of how a Premium subscription and permissions works:

    Step 1 - Populate Your Guest Book
    Upload your guest list to your Guest Book, and with your guest list you will be able to specify exactly who is invited to your event (Does he/she get a +1? Is their family invited?). Click on "Import" to download the template you'll want to use for your guest list.

    Step 2 - Create Groups
    Once you upload your guest list you can create Groups in your Guest Book and assign your guests with those Groups. For example, you'd create a Rehearsal Dinner Group and assign that group ONLY to the guests invited to the Rehearsal Dinner (see image below).



    Step 3 - Set Site Permissions
    At the top of each page it says "Who Can See This Page?" and at the top of each section it says "Who Can See This Section?". If you don't apply any permissions to a page or section, everyone will be able to see that page or section. But, if you only want your Rehearsal Dinner guests to RSVP to that event, set permissions for your Rehearsal Dinner group on your RSVP page for the Rehearsal Dinner event (see image below).



    Step 4 - Test a Guest Login
    When you're all done with your Guest Book and permissions, log into your site as one of your guests. Use their email to login and you'll see EXACTLY what they will see. That is the best way to make sure your permissions are working well.