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    Should I take RSVPs using my Paperless Suite or my Wedding Website?

    That short answer is that it is totally up to you! Here are the differences between the two RSVP forms:


    You can edit your RSVP preferences on the 'PAGE' step of the Paperless builder. When using a Paperless Suite you can only take simple RSVPs - Will Attend or Will Not Attend - you cannot ask for meal preferences, dietary requirements, transportation or accommodation info, etc. 

    If you need more information from you guests outside of a simple "Will Attend" or "Will Not Attend", consider using your Wedding Website RSVP form, which is completely customizable. Here is an example of a Wedding Website RSVP form, and again, you can add events, add custom questions, ask for contact info, etc.

    Lastly, if you are taking RSVPs on your Paperless Suite, your RSVP statistics will be in your Paperless admin under MY PAPERLESS. See here for more info.



    If you want to instead take RSVPs on your Wedding Website then select "NO" for the Collect RSVPs field, and then below that, choose to "Add a Button". Link that button to your Wedding Website, and then your guests will click through to your wedding website to RSVP!

    Remember, if you are taking RSVPs on your Wedding Website, your RSVP statistics and downloads will be in your website admin.