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    RSVP's with a Standard Subscription

    With a Standard subscription your guests will have to type in their own name on the RSVP form, and they will also need to click the 'Add Invited Guests' button to reply for any guests or family members. With a Standard subscription there is no way to limit how many guests can be added. If you want to manage your guest list closely and limit who is invited to your event, you may want to consider a Premium Subscription (see details below).

    Below is an example of what a Standard RSVP page looks like, with the guests needing to type in their own name and the 'Add Invited Guests' button.

    Limiting RSVP's with Premium Subscription

    If you want to limit who can RSVP to your event so that guests don't think they can bring whoever they want (yikes!), then we recommended using our Premium subscription and following these steps:

    Step 1 - Populate Your Address Book
    Input or upload your guest list to your Address Book. For this purpose, you'll only need to add names and emails (one email per Household). You'll be able to specify exactly who is invited to your event and with whom.

    Step 2 - Update Your Site Preferences
    Through your Bliss & Bone account navigate to your Website admin and to the 'Preferences' section found in the left hand navigation. To limit RSVP's you'll need to require an email login to access your site. With this email, our system will recognize who is veiwing your site and can then display the appropriate information. If 'Everyone' is allowed to login, then anyone can access your site. If 'Address Book Only' is selected for login, we check the email against your Address Book entries to make sure it's a designated guest.

    Step 3 - Test a Guest Login
    When you're all done with your Address Book and permissions, login to your site as one of your guests. By using their email to access the site, you'll see EXACTLY what they will see. This is the best way to make sure your permissions are working properly. 

    Below is an example of what a Premium RSVP page looks like when you connect your website to your Address Book. The name/s will auto-fill with the information you provided in the Address Book and new guests cannot be added.