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    Starting a Design

    How to start your Paperless design.

    In the site's main navigation click on "Design + Shop" under Paperless, and you'll see the below page.

    There are two ways to start a Paperless design:

    1. You can start a totally new Suite or Announcement design by clicking on one of the two boxes at the top.
    2. You can start by customizing one of our designs.

    You can also filter by a range of categories and check out the difference in pricing between the Suite and Announcement. 

    I'm in the Paperless builder and need some help...

    There a number of tools that will help guide you through the design process.

    1. At the top of each page there is a "Help + Tips" drawer that slides down with some helpful information.

    2. All of the design options are in the left navigation. Click and play around - change backgrounds, text, fonts, logos - everything!

    3. At the bottom you can track your progress. There are only 4 steps before you can Send your Paperless!

    4. SAVE SAVE SAVE!! Login or create an account and save your designs. Come back any time to edit.