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    Starting a Design

    How to start your Paperless design.

    In the site's main navigation click on "Design + Shop" under Paperless, and you can either start a design from scratch or start with one of our pre-made suites.


    I'm in the Paperless builder and need some help...

    There a number of tools that will help guide you through the design process.

    1. At the top of each page there is a "Help + Tips" drawer that slides down with some helpful information.

    2. All of the design options are in the left navigation. Click and play around - change backgrounds, text, fonts, logos - everything!

    3. At the bottom you can track your progress. There are only 4 steps before you can Send your Paperless!

    4. SAVE SAVE SAVE!! Login or create an account and save your designs. Come back any time to edit.