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    After your Free Trial is over, you will be billed monthly (every 30 days) until you cancel. The card on file will incur a $12 / month charge for Standard subscriptions and an $18 / month charge for Premium subscriptions. Once you cancel, your site will remain active through the duration of the current billing cycle. 

    Please note that every time you check out and start a new Free Trial, you will be billed for each Trial you start (after the 7-day period) unless you cancel that trail subscription. If you do not need a website, you must cancel it if you do not want to get billed. You can cancel yout trial in your website admin.

    When will my site go live?

    Your site will be live immediately after purchase. Go to your Bliss & Bone Account, click on My Websites and start editing!

    What is the difference between a Standard subscription and a Premium subscription?

    The primary difference between the two subscriptions is that Premium users have access to enhanced RSVP features and private event capabilities. The Premium subscription allows you to completely customize and personalize the website experience for each guest. Each guest will only see the information that you want them to see, and be able to RSVP for only the events that they are invited to. Below is a comparison chart for you to check out...