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    Tracking RSVPs & Emails

    I've sent my Paperless Suite or Announcment - now what?

    Log into your account and click on "My Paperless" and you'll see all your Paperless projects. The projects that have been sent have a green circle in the upper left corner.

    Hover over your sent project and you'll see the "Manage + Track" button - click there!


    How to Track RSVP's and Sent Emails

    Once you are in your Manage + Track dashboard you'll see all the names and emails that you sent, along with all the RSVP and email tracking information. 

    If you hover over the dot next to each invited guest you'll see the email status for that guest. It will tell you if the email has been delivered, opened, not opened, or been clicked on. You can also click on each row to get more detailed email activity information.