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    After I start a Free Trial, can I change my site design to a different one?

    If you started a Free Trial with one design but want to change and start with a different design, it is best to cancel your current Free Trial and start a brand new Free Trial with the design you want. Don't worry, you'll have access to the same features and URL with your new site! Keep in mind that any information or images you've input will not be saved or transferred to a new susbscription.

    If you've already put in quite a bit of work and don't want to start over.... don't worry! All of the websites on our Shop page were built with the exact same website builder! It is entirely possible to start with one site and turn it into a different site using all the tools available to you. No matter what site you start with, you'll have access to all the same design options including page layouts, fonts, colors and more! There are hundreds of options that aren't even shown in our examples!

    We offer our 7-Day Free Trial to make sure you can get your hands dirty without having to spend a dime. It's easiest to pick a design that is closest to your style and customize from there. You can honestly change anything!