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Keeping your information secure

At Bliss & Bone and Birdie (our partner), we take customer privacy and security seriously.

We use bank-level security to keep your information safe. This includes physical, electronic and procedural measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to (and disclosure of) sensitive information.

We use encryption and tokenization to help protect your account information and monitor your account activity to help identify unauthorized transactions. If you suspect that your account shows unauthorized activity, contact us right away at

Verifying your identity

In order to comply with federal laws, we are required to gather certain information from our users in order to offer the use of a Bliss & Bone Wallet to receive and make payments. At this time, we need to verify your identity in order to offer the use of a Bliss & Bone Wallet. Verifying your identity helps ensure that a fraudster has not stolen your credentials (this protects you and your money) and helps prevents fraud and money laundering.    

Adding your social security number to receive a cash gift

Bliss & Bone is required by law (Bank Secrecy Act) and our bank partner to collect certain information from our users to verify their identities. 

We may ask for your SSN to verify your identity if you receive a gift on Bliss & Bone.

Your Social Security Number (SSN) is a unique and secure way for us to identify you and keep your banking information safe. 

We take your security seriously. That's why we use high-level security practices like encryption and use secure (TLS) connections to keep your data safe. Bliss & Bone does not directly store your SSN. It is used only once for the verification process that is required by law and after that it is not accessible or used for any other purposes.