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How gifting works

You (the recipient of the gift) always receive the full amount that is selected for the gift by your friends and family. Example: if a friend choses to send you $100, you receive the $100!

Here's an example with round numbers (assuming bank account is the selected payment method):

What a giver (friends & family) sees when they give a gift:

Gift: $100

Service fee: $5

Process fee: $0

Total: $105

What you receive:

Gift: $100.

It's that simple!

How to start a Cash Registry

Getting started is easy! Go into your account and click Create a Registry. Then, fill out your information and verify your account in just a few quick minutes and you're ready to go! Share your cash registry on any of your Bliss & Bone products.

Verify your identiy

Completing your email verification when signing up adds an additional layer of security to protect you and your account. We want to make sure a fraudster is not using your email to claim your gifts!

After you sign up, we’ll send you an email with the subject “Please verify your email address” to the email address that you entered. Click the "Verify Email" button in the email to verify ownership of your email address, and you’re all set. 

Please note that replying directly to this email will not verify your email address. If you’re not seeing the email, try searching your inbox or your spam / junk folder. 

Using your Cash Registry outside of the United States

International cash registries are not yet available. While we hope to make our Cash Registry available internationally, it is only accessible to United States users with a US SSN or TIN.

Manage the URL for your Cash Registry

You can customize and edit your Cash Registry URL when you sign in. Simply select your registry to start editing!

Edit account settings

You can edit your account settings by clicking on My Account and selecting My Cash Registries. Then, select "edit" to edit your Cash Registry. 

The cost of your Cash Registry

Cash registries from Bliss & Bone are always 100% free to create. We don't charge any fees to set up your registry, plus it's 100% free to receive gifts.

How to share your Cash Registry

On any Bliss & Bone product like your wedding website or online card you can easily link your cash registry! In any place where you have the option to link, your Cash Registry will show up as an option - simply choose your cash registry and seamlessly link it for your guests.