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How Logos & Monograms Work

Purchasing a logo or monogram

To purchase a logo visit this page:

To purchase a monogram visit this page:

When you purchase your logo or monogram, purchase the usage option that best suits your needs:

This Site: Use your logo or monogram on any Bliss & Bone project or product as many times as you like.

Elsewhere: If you plan to use your logo or monogram elsewhere (like for invitations, napkins, dance floor, etc), we'll send you a vector eps file as well as a transparent png. With these files you are set to use your logo or monogram on any printed or digital product.

Both: If you would like to use your logo or monogram on Bliss & Bone AND elsewhere, then you will want to purchase this option to recieve all file types and usage rights.

Providing your text

The text for your logo will be used exactly as it was provided. For instance, if you enter a '+', that's what you'll get. Please check spelling and capitalization. Feel free to leave any notes for the designer in the text field as needed.

Be specific and be sure to include details for all of the information in your given logo. If your logo has a date, please provide the date, etc. 

Be sure to flip through the additional images on the logo or monogram page to explore other examples as well as font alphabets for some of the more unique font options. We customize the logos and monograms using fonts, so the final outcome of your logo depends on the letter combinations in your provided text. A monogram that uses the combination C&G is going to look wildly different than one that uses J&I. Get your design hat on and think of your letters as shapes to envision the final product.

What happens after purchasing a logo or monogram

Once you've purchased a logo or monogram, here is the process:

01  A designer will customize your Logo within 2 business days

02  An email will be sent to you letting you know that your logo or monogram is ready

03 Access your logo under My Logos on any Bliss & Bone project

04  Receive your files via email if using Elsewhere (if you have purchased "elsewhere" files)

05  Start using your Logo on your Wedding Website or Online Cards

Using my customized logo or monogram on this site

How to Use Your Logo
Login to your Bliss & Bone account to access your personalized logo! You'll see a "My Logos" option in all places where you can upload your own logos, on both the online card builder and in wedding websites. Use your logo or monogram on unlimited Website and Online Card projects with the ability to change the color and size as needed.
On Wedding Websites 
You can use a logo or monogram in your site header, found under >Header & Menu in the left navigation, or on any Cover page. Hover over the logo container in either of these locations and click on My Logos to access all purchased logos and monograms.
On Online Cards

When editing an online card, navigate to the Logo section (&) in the left tool bar. Click on My Logos to access all purchased logos and monograms.

Using my customized logo or monogram elsewhere

If you'd like to use your logo or monogram anywhere else, you will need to purchase the file for use 'elsewhere'. This can be selected on the logo or monogram shop page before you add it to your cart. You will receive a vector eps file along with a transparent png. The vector eps can be sized, colored or saved as any file type necessary - the world is your oyster.

Requesting changes to my logo or monogram

A single revision is included with your purchase.

When making your revision request, please email and be sure to include your order number along with the specific changes you'd like to see. We do not provide proofs of various logo styles and will advise if we feel the revision request will not work in advance.

Additional revisions incur a fee of $40 per round.

If you request a revision for an elsewhere logo, it is understood that you no longer have rights to use the original files and must delete them entirely. We must abide by font licensing agreements and trust that you will as well.

Purchasing files after already purchasing for use on B&B

If you've already purchased for use on "This Site" and decided after the fact that you need the files to use somewhere else, that's no problem!

Simply go back and find the logo you purchased on this page or the monogram you purchased on this page and purchase the "Elsewhere" version of those logos. Once you do, we'll send you those vector / png files!