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How Online Cards Work

How online cards work

Watch the video tutorial above on how to design your online card and how they work. 

Whether you are sending a wedding invitation, save the date or rehearsal dinner invitation, the online cards all work the same. You will first design your online card by either starting from scratch or using one of our designs.

Step 1: Card

Design your digital card. All the tools you need to design are in the left navigation. Play around, design & have fun!

Step 2: Email

Design and customize the email that your guests will receive first. This email will link to your event page (Step 3), and your event page features your digital card.

Step 3: Page

Design and customize your event page. On this step you can choose to take RSVPs or link to your wedding website to take RSVPs instead. 

Step 4: Recipients

Add the names/s and emails of the guests who will be receiving your onilne card. Please note that names on your recipient list are exactly what will show up on your email under the "to" section. Click right into any field to edit and save.

To set up your Recipient list properly, please review this FAQ carefully.

Step 5: Pay & Send

Pay & send when you're ready!

The guest experience

Watch the video below to see the full guest experience. 

Your guests will first receive the email that you designed, and that email will click through to your event page that features your digital card.

Finally, your guests will either RSVP on that page, submit their contact information, or click the link to your wedding website to RSVP (whichever option you have set up on the Page step of the online card builder).

Sending online cards in batches

You can absolutely send online cards in as many batches (or one-offs) as you want! Many people like to send out a first batch of save the dates or invitations while they collect emails from the rest of their guests. That's a perfectly good way to do it!