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Select a design

Shop our wedding websites and start with one of our pre-designed websites, or start from scratch. Each website template on our shop page has access to all features and design options, so no matter which website you choose to start with, you will have access to all the same tools.

When choosing a design we always suggest going for one that has a content structure that best suits your needs. Customizing colors, fonts, photos and more is a breeze!

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Start your subscription

All of our website subscriptions start as a 7-day free trial. This means that you will not be billed for 7 days but have free reign to explore the product. There are no limitations or restricted access during the trial. Use the free trial period to explore the platform, input your content, upload your images and test out functionality.

Edit your website

After you start a website subscription, your website will appear in your account and is ready for editing.

  • Log into your account, go to My Account > My Websites
  • Click on the Start My Website thumbnail to start editing your new site.
  • Select and save your new 'myblissandbone' URL before you edit your site
How to edit your wedding website in your Bliss & Bone account

When your website is live

Your site is live immediately after you set your Bliss & Bone URL. There is no 'offline' state or “make my site live” process. Remember that no one will know your URL unless you share it, so chances of anyone stumbling onto your site before it's ready, is slim to none. 

Your URL will be under your Settings, and you can click on it any time to visit your site.

If you want to include additional security measures, you can add a password or login verification in your Settings.

You can edit your site at any time and as often as you need. When you edit and save your changes, those updates will be immediately reflected on your website. 

Change website designs

All of our sites are designed in a website builder and are not templates. This means that you have access to all of the same assets and features regardless of the design you choose. So, in reality, you can start with one design and turn into another using all the tools you have available in the website builder.

The easiest approach to completely change a design is to cancel your current subscription and start a new website subscription with the design of your choice. Keep in mind that any information or customizations made on your initial website will be lost if cancelled. The changes will not transfer to a new website subscription.

Also, if you are in the free 7-day trial period while you are starting new subscripitons, your URL will be available if you cancel a subscription and start a new one. 

Differences between a Standard and Premium subscription

There are three primary upgrades that a Premium subscription offers:

  1. Ability to have private events and connect your website to your Contacts (added privacy and limiting RSVPs).
  2. Access to a premium photo gallery with hundreds of images to help make your site beautiful.
  3. Ability to remove “Bliss & Bone” branding in the footer, and/or add a custom footer.

Manage your URL

Go into your Website Admin > Settings to find your myblissandbone URL and set up a custom URL if you choose.

Custom URL Setup

Search indexing and finding your site on google search

The default state for your website is to have it not indexed for search. If you would like to have it indexed for search, do the following:

  • Go to your Website Admin > Settings
  • Scroll down and turn on Allow Search Engine Indexing

Please note that this will not be successful immediately, and can take weeks to work. Once you turn this on, we submit your site to be indexed by Google, and it is completely out of our hands after that. We cannot further influence (or code) for your site to show in search.

Website browser title

The Browser Title field is where you can set the name of your site that will appear at the top of the browser or in a window tab. This is important for website search indexing (if you choose to have your website indexed by Google). An example of a good browser title is: “John Miller & Kasey Mannor’s Wedding Website”.

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