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Website Design Settings

Choose your website fonts

  • Navigate to the Website Editor > Design.
  • Fonts can be chosen at the top and will apply site-wide.

Please note that you cannot choose or override fonts on individual pages or sections. Fonts for the entire site are chosen on the Design page.

Upload a custom font

Unfortunately you cannot upload a custom font. Most website providers will not allow custom fonts to be uploaded, as fonts need to be from a web font library. 

We have an extensive library of fonts and continually refine and add to our font options.

Select your menu style & color

  • Navigate to the Website Editor > Design.
  • Scroll down under the font selection section and you’ll see a menu button. You can choose to either have the three lines (called a “hamburger”) or you can choose to have MENU text.

Please note that if you cannot see your menu on the homepage because of a color conflict, there is a color override button on the Homepage page directly under the Image + Menu box. That allows you to customize the color of your menu only for the homepage.

Select page background and border colors

  • Navigate to the Website Editor > Design.
  • You can select the page background colors and border colors under the font selections. These will apply site-wide and cannot be customized at the page level.

Please note that the border colors will apply to your buttons site-wide. However, if you have buttons on top of an image (within an image container), borders of those buttons will match the text color above the button so that they are visible on the image.

Upload your own logo or monogram

Website header logo or monogram 

  • Navigate to the Website Editor > Design.
  • Upload your own logo or monogram on the Design tab for the site-wide header.

Homepage logo or monogram

  • Navigate to the Website Editor > Homepage
  • Upload a logo or monogram for your homepage in the Logo container.

We recommend uploading a transparent PNG file for all uploaded logos and monograms.

Edit logo or monogram in site header

Navigate to the Website Editor > Design. On the Design tab on the left you will see that the first main section is where you update the logo, monogram or text for the site header (which appears on the site across all pages).