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Website Mobile Tools

Mobile-friendly websites

All of our websites are designed to be responsive (mobile-friendly), and to look great on any screen size. We've optimized everything, from how the the fonts reduce in size on mobile, to the proporitons of all section styles and images on mobile.

If you don't love how an image is looking on mobile, check out the FAQ below on the mobile cropping tools you have available in your website. 

Mobile cropping tools for images

The most landscape (wide image) image options will have options to optimize for mobile. To customize how your images look on mobile, click on the pencil icon in the upper right (to edit the image). In the edit overlay there are two options specific to mobile:

  • Choose the focal point of your image.
  • Do not crop.

Note that unless you select the “do not crop” option, landscape images have to crop on a mobile device.

Please also note that the "do not crop" option is not available for the large cover page, as that large coverpage option has to be optimized with logos & monograms in mind, as most people use those on their homepage.