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    Digital Greeting Cards for the Greater Good

    Send for FREE or make a donation! 100% of proceeds will be donated to COLOR OF CHANGE, which helps you do something real about injustice.

    About Color of Change

    Who are you thinking about?

    Damn Girl / Zebra

    Preview   |   CustomizeDamn Girl / Zebra

    All The Love / Shapes

    Preview   |   CustomizeAll The Love / Shapes

    I Stay Home For You

    Preview   |   CustomizeI Stay Home For You

    I Stay Home For You / Electric

    Preview   |   CustomizeI Stay Home For You / Electric

    I Stay Home For You / Neutral

    Preview   |   CustomizeI Stay Home For You / Neutral

    I Just Really Love You

    Preview   |   CustomizeI Just Really Love You


    Preview   |   CustomizeBonjour

    Painted Happy Everything

    Preview   |   CustomizePainted Happy Everything

    Spotted Birthday

    Preview   |   CustomizeSpotted Birthday

    Good Vibes

    Preview   |   CustomizeGood Vibes

    Party Hard / Electric

    Preview   |   CustomizeParty Hard / Electric

    Wild Thing

    Preview   |   CustomizeWild Thing

    Thinking Of You / Vogue

    Preview   |   CustomizeThinking Of You / Vogue

    You Slay

    Preview   |   CustomizeYou Slay

    Forever Wild

    Preview   |   CustomizeForever Wild

    Stay Fierce

    Preview   |   CustomizeStay Fierce

    Leafy Celebration

    Preview   |   CustomizeLeafy Celebration


    Preview   |   CustomizeNamaste

    Love Out Loud

    Preview   |   CustomizeLove Out Loud

    Happy Groundhog Day

    Preview   |   CustomizeHappy Groundhog Day

    Be My Quarantine

    Preview   |   CustomizeBe My Quarantine

    Let The Sunshine In

    Preview   |   CustomizeLet The Sunshine In

    I See You In My Future

    Preview   |   CustomizeI See You In My Future

    Be Extra

    Preview   |   CustomizeBe Extra

    Zoom + Chill

    Preview   |   CustomizeZoom + Chill

    To The Moon And Back

    Preview   |   CustomizeTo The Moon And Back

    Rather Be Stuck With You

    Preview   |   CustomizeRather Be Stuck With You