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Cash Wedding Registry: Everything You Need to Know

cash wedding registry

Is a Cash Wedding Registry the Right Option for You?

If you and your partner are like most couples, planning your wedding and your new life together can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. Figuring out the decor for your wedding, designing your wedding website and selecting your wedding party can all be part of the fun of creating the wedding of your dreams.

Creating a gift registry can allow you and your partner to request specific items you will need for your new home. If you and your partner are already living together, however, a wedding cash registry could be an excellent option for your future. These modern options can provide you with wedding funds that can be used however you choose.

Choosing the right wedding cash registry can allow you to create a coordinated look that matches your wedding websiteand other printed and online wedding stationery. At Bliss & Bone, we can help with the perfect online wedding invites, free cash registry options and other elements to help you plan the perfect wedding for yourself and your partner.

What Is a Cash Wedding Registry?

The first modern wedding registry is believed to have originated in 1924 and was offered by retailer Marshall Field’s.This registry allowed wedding guests to view a list of the things requested for the wedding couple and to purchase items off this list to help them start their new life together. 

Wedding registries became popular in the United States despite the disapproval of some wedding etiquette experts. Over time, however, the wedding registry was recognized as a convenient way for couples to request useful and necessary items and for friends to avoid gift-giving mistakes. The wedding registry can reduce the risk of duplications and can make the process easier for everyone involved.

Cash registries are a relatively new addition to the wedding planning process. Rather than requesting specific gifts like a coffeemaker or a set of dinnerware, couples can ask for cash contributions that can be used in any way they wish. This added flexibility has made the cash wedding registry a popular choice for many modern couples.

Greater Acceptance for Wedding Cash Registry Gifts

For years, accepted wedding registry etiquette allowed couples to request specific items but did not allow requests for cash. Because etiquette about cash registries is changing, however, cash wedding registry options have become more accepted and accessible to couples in the United States and around the world.

You and your partner may be wondering how to ask for cash gifts in a suitable and polite way. Your cash wedding registry can make this process easier for both of you and can provide options for relatives and friends who want to contribute to your future together.

A cash wedding registry can reduce gift-giving anxiety among guests while delivering the luxury of flexibility and choice to couples who receive these cash gifts. While some guests may still prefer to select their own gifts, a wedding cash registry can be a great option for couples planning major expenditures in the near future.

What Can Your Wedding Cash Registry Be Used For?

If you and your partner choose to go with a cash wedding registry, you can use the wedding funds you receive for a wide range of projects or activities:

  • Saving for a down payment on a home: If you are planning to purchase a home with your partner in the next few years, these wedding funds can provide added help in the process of saving for a down payment. Letting your friends and family members know where their contributions will be going can help them to feel more engaged with your celebration and your future life together.
  • Funding your honeymoon: You can also choose a cash wedding registry as a way of funding your honeymoonin a romantic location.
  • Purchasing appliances: If you and your partner already share a home, you can often use the proceeds of your cash wedding registry to buy new appliances or to upgrade those you already have. In some cases, you may be able to buy a new washer and dryer or an entire gourmet kitchen setup by using these wedding funds for these major purchases.
  • Renovating your current home: If you and your intended spouse already share a home or own a home to which you plan to move, your cash wedding registry can provide some much-needed funds for remodeling or renovating your home to suit both of you perfectly. Be sure to let your guests know where these cash contributions will be going. This can help them feel a greater sense of investment in your shared future as a couple now and for many years to come.
  • Funding future vacations: One of the most romantic ways in which to use the funds in your cash wedding registry is to plan and pay for future vacations for you and your partner. Your wedding cash registry is a great resource for added funding for vacations, excursions and date nights for you and the one you love.
  • Creating a rainy-day fund: Saving up for life’s little emergencies can be challenging, especially for couples who are just starting their lives together. The funds contributed to your cash wedding registry can provide a valuable cushion when unexpected issues arise that require immediate attention. Car repairs, home repairs and temporary shortfalls in your budget are among the most common ways in which your wedding cash registry can be used to help you manage expenses.
  • Saving toward the purchase of a car: If you or your partner needs a new car, your cash wedding registry can often supply the funds you need to purchase that new or like-new vehicle. Depending on the contributions to your cash wedding registry, you may even be able to afford an upgrade to a more fuel-efficient vehicle that will save you and your partner money for years.
  • Setting up a college fund for children: One of the most proactive ways to use your wedding cash registry is to begin a college fund for your children. This will allow you to get the right start for the children you already share and for those who may arrive in the future. A college fund can also provide you with valuable peace of mind when planning a family with your partner.

A cash wedding registry is one of the most versatile options for couples who may have upcoming expenses or who do not need traditional wedding gifts. Finding the right time to set up your cash wedding registry can allow you to make the most from these modern gift registry options.

When Should You Set Up Your Cash Wedding Registry?

Setting up your wedding website and cash wedding registry should be near the top of your to-do list. Most experts recommend setting up your registry as soon as you have decided on a theme for your wedding and your wedding website. This can allow you to create a cash wedding registry that complements your planned wedding decor and makes the best possible impression on your invited guests.

In general, plan to set up your wedding cash registry seven to nine months before your wedding day. This can allow plenty of time for your guests to contribute to these wedding funds. Creating a coordinated wedding stationery suite at Bliss & Bone can create a cohesive look for every element of your wedding.

Creating the Ideal Wedding Celebration With Help From Bliss & Bone

Before you begin working on your wedding registry, you and your partner will have some decisions to make about your wedding. Some of the most important elements of wedding planning are listed here:

  • Hiring a wedding planner can take some of the stress out of the planning process. If you have a little extra room in your wedding budget, a wedding planner can help you make the big decisions and can work with vendors to keep things moving smoothly toward your wedding day.
  • Deciding on a budget should be one of the first steps in your wedding planning process. It is important to remember that some items may be more expensive than originally planned. Allowing for a budget overage of about 20 percent can help you manage these added expenses more easily.
  • Choosing a venue will typically be one of the first steps in your wedding planning process. Your venue will dictate how many guests you can invite and will often have an influence on your overall wedding theme.
  • Selecting a theme for your wedding can be challenging. At Bliss & Bone, we offer inspiration for your wedding theme with elegant printed wedding invitations and themed design collections that can help you make an indelible impression on those you choose to invite to your celebration.
  • Designing your invitations is easy with a little help from Bliss & Bone. We offer printed and online wedding invitations with backgrounds that suit your personal aesthetic tastes. By creating your entire online and printed wedding stationery suite on our website, you can ensure that all elements of your wedding communications share the same look and feel. This can add up to increased engagement from everyone on your guest list.
  • Creating custom monograms and logos can provide branding for your wedding that will keep it top-of-mind for your guests. Bliss & Bone can help you to design wedding logos and monograms that are elegant and that complement your chosen theme.
  • Building a wedding website can be easy with the templates, backgrounds and other tools available at Bliss & Bone. Don’t forget to send out website announcements to your guests to let them know when this communication tool is ready for use. Your wedding website can provide information for your guests about hotels, local attractions and menu choices while allowing them to respond about meals and attendance.
  • Setting up your wedding registries and adding this information to your website can ensure that your guests can choose gifts that are relevant to you and your partner. You can also include an insert in your printed wedding invitations to alert guests that you are listed on these registries. Following a wedding registry checklist can often keep you on track when managing gift registries for yourself and your future spouse. Choosing a cash wedding registry with no fee can be a great way to ensure that all guest contributions are available for you to use for whatever purpose you wish.
  • Planning your decor for your wedding can be a bonding experience for you and your partner. Making sure that your theme is reflected in your decor and your wedding invitations can create the most cohesive look for every aspect of your celebration.
  • Choosing your wedding attire and deciding on how formal you want your dress code to be will allow you to incorporate this information into your website, your Save the Dates or your wedding invitations.
  • Arranging for catering can be a challenge. If you have a wedding planner, you can often get great recommendations from these professionals that can help you achieve the perfect menu for your wedding celebration.
  • Enjoying your big day will be a snap with the easy-to-use tools and planning options available from Bliss & Bone. We offer wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations and many other options that can be customized to suit your needs and to make the best possible impression on everyone on your guest list.

Choosing the Best Cash Wedding Registry for You

At Bliss & Bone, we offer coordinated design options that include printed wedding invitations, wedding websites and a variety of other wedding stationery and online communication options designed specifically to suit your taste and your budget. Some of the most important features we offer for your free cash registry are listed here:

  • Outstanding security: At Bliss & Bone, we partner with financial technology company Birdie, LLC to ensure that access to your free cash registry is as easy as possible. We deliver outstanding service and secure access for you and your guests. Your personal information and that of your guests is safeguarded with the latest security measures to keep your cash and your data safe from unauthorized access.
  • Low service fees for gift givers: Flat-rate pricing for service fees can make it easy for your guests to manage the cost of a gift to your wedding cash registry. We charge only a minimal $5 fee for each contribution that does not change no matter how large the gift.
  • No withdrawal fees: If you need a cash wedding registry with no fee, Bliss & Bone’s partnership with Birdie makes it easy to set up the best cash wedding registry for your upcoming wedding. You’ll never pay a withdrawal fee for accessing the funds in your wedding cash registry.
  • FDIC insurance: The gifts in your cash registry are insured up to $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, better known as FDIC. This can provide you and your partner with valuable peace of mind when accepting gifts from friends, family members and well-wishers.

By choosing Bliss & Bone for your cash wedding registry, you can enjoy all these benefits at no added cost to you or your guests.

Helpful Hints for Creating the Perfect Free Cash Registry

A few simple steps can allow you to create a cash wedding registry that is perfectly suited to your needs. Some of the most important tips for creating the best cash wedding registry are listed here:

  • Consider multiple registries: In many cases, creating multiple gift registries can ensure that everyone on your guest list has the chance to contribute to your wedding. By creating a cash wedding registry with no fee alongside a traditional wedding registry, you can allow your guests to decide on the type of gift and the best approach for gift-giving to celebrate your wedding.
  • Minimize withdrawal costs: By choosing a cash wedding registry with no fee for withdrawal, you can also track the amount you will have for a honeymoon or other purchases after your wedding day. This can help you and your partner to avoid mathematical gymnastics during the lead-up to your wedding and honeymoon celebration.
  • Link to your registry: At Bliss & Bone, we make it easy to create the best cash wedding registry and to link it to your online wedding invitation or your wedding website. By integrating your registries into your wedding stationery suite, you can provide the necessary information to your guests in a thoughtful and non-aggressive way.
  • Inform your guests: Letting your guests know where the money from these wedding funds will be used can often encourage them to give more and to feel more connected to every part of your wedding proceedings.
  • Consider your guest list: If most of the people attending your wedding are on limited incomes, you may want to adjust your registry requests to account for this. A cash wedding registry is ideally suited to crowdfunding your major purchases. Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on one of the items on your traditional registry, your guests can contribute to a fund to purchase something you and your partner will truly appreciate.

By taking a thoughtful approach when creating your wedding cash registry and other registries for your wedding, you and your intended spouse can make a positive impression on those you have invited to share your celebration with you. This can add up to an unforgettable experience for you and your wedding guests on your special day.

The Best Cash Wedding Registry Starts With Bliss & Bone

At Bliss & Bone, we specialize in customized wedding invitations, wedding monograms, websites and many other elements necessary to create the perfect celebration for you and your partner. Whether you need start-to-finish help with your wedding planning process or are looking for the easiest and most integrated way to add a wedding cash registry to your website, our team can provide you with easy-to-use tools that will ensure the best results.

If you are considering your options for cash registry arrangements, the team at Bliss & Bone can provide you with the right support and the best solutions for your needs. Our reputation for quality printing and online wedding services ensures that you will receive the right wedding cash registry options for your upcoming celebration. We are committed to delivering the most beautiful wedding websites, printed wedding invitations and backgrounds for our customers. Bliss & Bone is your one-stop shop for online and printed wedding invites, rehearsal dinner invitations and Save the Dates that will wow your guests and that will mesh with your wedding gift registries and cash wedding registry perfectly.

If you are planning a wedding soon or in the next few years, Bliss & Bone is here to help. We offer wedding websites and complete wedding stationery suites that can streamline the planning process for you and your partner. To learn more about our cash wedding registry options, contact our wedding experts today or drop us an email at We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the best wedding services for your upcoming nuptial celebration.