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Digital Wedding Invite: The Experts’ Guide

By Bliss & Bone

modern digital invite example

Planning Your Wedding Invitation in the Digital Era

If you and your partner are planning to get married this year or next, you may already be in the midst of preparations for this special event. Digital-era wedding celebrations offer new and innovative ways to manage invitations and responses. Finding the right solutions for wedding notifications and communications can often help you to streamline the process of wedding planning for you and your partner. Whether you are considering digital weddings or a traditional wedding in a brick-and-mortar venue, creating an elegant and personalized digital wedding invite is essential to establish the right atmosphere for your upcoming ceremony and reception.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer practical help in creating and distributing your digital wedding invite to all those on your guest list. With more than four billion email users around the world, opting for a digital wedding invitation is a practical choice that can save you money while allowing you to reduce your environmental impact. Along with custom wedding websites, your digital wedding invitation suite can allow you and your partner to express your own personalities and commitment to each other in the online environment. Bliss & Bone will work with you to provide the right solutions for you, including help in setting up your digital wedding invite and the best array of services and digital wedding invitation examples in the industry. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence on behalf of the couples we serve.

Choosing the Right Digital Wedding Invite Provider

Digital wedding invites can save you a considerable amount of money compared with the cost of printed wedding invitations. Finding the right source for digital wedding invites, however, can be challenging. At Bliss & Bone, our digital wedding invitation maker is intuitively designed to make it much easier for you and your partner to create a custom look and feel for your wedding invitations. We also offer digital wedding invitation examples that can guide the process of designing your own unique invite. We offer practical assistance and affordable solutions that are precisely right for your needs.

While you may be able to locate a digital wedding invite provider who offers these services at no charge to you or your partner, the customization options for these free digital wedding invitations can be extremely limited. Additionally, free digital wedding invite providers do not usually offer options for matching your digital wedding invitation to your printed invitations and wedding website. This can reduce your ability to create a cohesive and pulled-together look for your entire wedding suite. By contrast, the extensive customization options available from Bliss & Bone can help you to make the most positive impact on those who receive your digital wedding invitations. Along with a number of important and exclusive features, we can provide digital wedding invitation examples that will help you make the best choices for your special day.

How Do I Make a Digital Wedding Invite?

At Bliss & Bone, we have the perfect answer to the question, "How do I create a digital wedding invitation that will impress my guests?" We can help you to create a digital wedding invite that reflects the very special love between you and your partner while helping you with managing the cost of your wedding more effectively.

The process of creating a digital wedding invite with Bliss & Bone is relatively simple and requires the following steps:

  1. Inputting basic data that includes the date, time and location of your wedding ceremony and your reception will provide the basic information your guests will need to make arrangements to attend. Your digital wedding invite should also generate excitement about your celebration among those who receive it.
  2. Putting together your digital Save the Date should be the very first step in your process. This initial contact with your guests will let them know to expect your digital wedding invite and will provide you with feedback on the accuracy of email addresses for these invitations.
  3. Choosing your design is easy with the customization options available at Bliss & Bone. You can create a custom design using your own images or those available from our galleries of backgrounds and graphics. Bliss & Bone can even assist you with monograms and logos for your wedding that will create visual interest and a cohesive look for your digital wedding invites.
  4. Completing your guest list will require you to collect email addresses from those you want to attend your wedding. For intimate weddings with only a handful of guests, this may be a straightforward process. If you are planning a larger-scale event, however, you will need to begin the email-gathering process much earlier to ensure that you have the information you need when it is time to send your digital wedding invitation.
  5. Creating your custom wedding website will provide an added source of information for your guests and will allow you to share more information about yourself, your partner and your own unique love story with friends and family members. This can help you to maintain clear lines of communication that can help you create the most unforgettable experience for you, your partner and your invited guests.
  6. Testing and tweaking your digital wedding invitation and making sure that it interacts with your wedding website in the correct way is a key step in the process of creating digital wedding invitations. At Bliss & Bone, we have the experience and knowledge you need to ensure the right performance from your digital wedding invite and website.
  7. Uploading your guest list with email addresses is the next step in the process for creating a custom digital wedding invite. Your digital wedding invites depend on accurate email addresses to reach their intended recipients. Taking extra care at this step in the process can help you to ensure that these important notifications reach their destinations on time.
  8. Paying your digital wedding invitation company is one of the final steps in the process. This saves all your progress in designing your digital wedding invitations and sets the stage for sending them out to your invited attendees.
  9. Sending your emails is a largely automated process that occurs on a schedule you set with your digital wedding invite company. Once your digital wedding invitation has been delivered to the intended recipients, you can expect to begin receiving RSVPs almost immediately.
  10. Tracking the responses you receive is easy and convenient with digital wedding invitations. You can generally keep track of the number of positive responses and can touch base with those who have not yet responded to your digital wedding invite to make sure they received the invitation.
  11. Finally, managing your wedding website is a process that can continue for a few months after your wedding ceremony and reception are over. You can update wedding registries and other information. In some cases, you can even share photos or videos from your wedding for those who could not attend your ceremony or reception in person.

Checking out the digital wedding invitation examples on Bliss & Bone can be a great starting point for designing and sending your own digital wedding invites. We are here to help with practical solutions that will assist you in making the most unforgettable impression on those invited to your ceremony and reception.

Digital Wedding Invite Wording and Examples

While a digital wedding invite is the more modern approach, you can still employ the same wording and etiquette rules that apply to printed invites. If you are interested in following this traditional element of weddings, consider the following rules outlined by etiquette experts like those at

  1. Start the digital invite with the name of the host(s). To kick things off, you want to detail who is asking the question to your guests. It is common, or at least most traditional, for the bride’s parents to help plan and ultimately host the special occasion. If that’s the case, you will want to write out the bride’s parents’ formal names and titles. As an alternative, you can write “Together with their families” followed by the couple’s name, if both families are contributing to the planning and hosting process. And a third option is that the wedding couple is hosting the event themselves; if you’re doing this, you can skip this guideline altogether.  
  2. What the hosts are requesting. This next part relies on the venue that you and your partner have decided on. If you are getting married in a church, for instance, you will want to write out that the hosts “request the honor of your presence.” And if you are saying, “I do,” outside of a place of worship, consider writing that the hosts “request the pleasure of your company.” This is a small but significant detail that your etiquette-loving guests will certainly appreciate.
  3. The name of the wedding couple. Don’t forget about you! While your guests will likely be expecting your digital wedding invite, you still need to highlight your and your partner’s names. If you are following classic rules of etiquette, it should feature the bride’s first and middle name (if she shares the same name as her parents), followed by the groom’s full name and title. It is completely understandable if you and your partner do not align with this suggestion. You can always feature your first names only, or share both of your full names and titles. 
  4. The date and time of the celebration. While your Save the Dates shared the basics (where and when your wedding is taking place), the digital wedding invite digs into the details. You will want to include the exact time of the ceremony and the name and address of the venue. The pros recommend writing out all of the numbers in the date and time, since that is the most formal style for wording a digital wedding invite. If you are hosting a reception at the same venue, you can say something like, “Dinner and dancing to follow.” And if you are relocating to another venue for the reception, you’ll need to make that clear in your digital wedding invites. 
  5. Recommendations and expectations to guests’ attire. It is common to share the guidelines for what you expect your guests to wear to your wedding. There are the classic styles, like cocktail, formal or black tie, and then there are the more on-trend ideas. These might include garden party formal, black and white only and more. 
  6. How guests should RSVP. With a digital wedding invite, it is expected that guests should reply through your wedding website. You can easily connect your digital wedding invites to your wedding website, giving guests immediate and clear access to submit their answer to whether or not they can attend your celebration. 

These are the basics that are recommended for wording your digital wedding invites. If you want a more unique and non-traditional approach, consider sharing a sweet quote or phrase that will set the tone for your event. While these are “rules” shared by etiquette experts, they are by no means the only content you should provide your guests. You can get as creative as you want and express yourself and your special relationship through your digital wedding invites.

botanical digital invite examples

What to Include in Your Digital Wedding Invite

When planning and designing your digital wedding invitation, you may not be certain what items need to be included in your invite. Whether you are looking for digital wedding invitation ideas or you already have a design in mind, making sure that these elements are included can help you to create a beautiful digital wedding invitation that you and your partner can be proud of sharing with your friends and family:

  • Precise dates and times: Being as accurate as possible when creating your digital wedding invitation can prevent misunderstandings and can ensure that your guests arrive at your big event on time. If your plans change, it is usually a good idea to send out updated digital wedding invitations or emails that alert your guests to check your website for the latest information.
  • The ability to track responses: Bliss & Bone's lineup of digital wedding invitations can make it simple to accept and track RSVPs and to manage emails related to your digital wedding invites. Digital RSVPs are convenient and can eliminate the guesswork involved in requesting and receiving responses through the mail. Monitoring responses to your digital wedding invites can also help you to estimate the seating and catering requirements for your ceremony and reception.
  • Images and design elements: While free digital wedding invite providers may only offer a few choices for graphics and backgrounds, Bliss & Bone can deliver an array of font choices, graphics and image galleries and many other options that can allow you to customize your digital wedding invitations more completely. Our interface makes it easy to try out different images or to upload your own to create a completely unique look for your digital wedding invitations.
  • Links to your wedding website: Bliss & Bone also offers wedding website services that can be linked directly to your digital wedding invite. This can help you to create a cohesive look and feel for all your wedding stationery, both digital and printed, and can allow you to continue to communicate with guests even after your digital wedding invite has been delivered.
  • Logos and monograms: Along with the gallery of images, graphics and objects available from Bliss & Bone, we also offer you and your partner the ability to design your own wedding logos and monograms. These can enhance your digital wedding invitations and can make your own unique digital wedding invite even more memorable for those who receive it.

Bliss & Bone can help you to find digital wedding invitation examples that can inspire your own design choices. Whether you are looking for a combination of digital wedding invitation and printed options or intend to send digital wedding invites only, we can help you to construct the perfect invitation for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.

When to Send Out Your Digital Wedding Invites

As you map out your wedding planning timeline, it is always helpful to get some expert advice. Taking advice from industry pros and experienced wedding couples, there are several items that need to be completed before crafting your digital wedding invitation. For starters, you should plan to send out your digital wedding invites about six to eight weeks before your big day.

Before you can send out your digital wedding invitations, you need to tackle a few key items on your to-do list first. Here is our advice when it comes to things to do before your celebration:

  1. Have an honest conversation about your budget. You and your partner might be paying for your wedding, but other family and friends could offer to contribute as well. Either way, you need to get together with anyone involved in your decision-making process and come up with an appropriate budget for everything related to your wedding. This includes your venue, caterer and of course, the stationer who will create your digital wedding invitation (among other necessary vendors). Everyone should be on the same page before you can move forward to the next phase.
  2. Think about enlisting a professional planner. Already feeling overwhelmed about the wedding planning process? If your budget can accommodate it, a professional planner can take a lot of the guesswork out of the sometimes difficult journey to plan your wedding. On the other hand, a more cost-effective option could be to hire a wedding coordinator. These experts are equipped to help you in the month, week or even day of your wedding.
  3. Confirm your estimated guest list. Though it might feel too soon to figure this out, your guest count will inform the estimates and availability of your prospective venue and vendors. As a rule of thumb, you should anticipate about 85 percent of your invited guests will attend your celebration. Many venues have capacity limits, and most vendors will charge per head, so it is crucial that you have at least an estimate of your guest count early in the planning process. Also, many couples are more interested in the opportunity to celebrate in an intimate ceremony and reception with their closest family members and friends. 
  4. Research, visit and select your dream wedding venue. Perhaps the biggest decision you will make is where you are getting married. While some couples love the idea of getting married close to home, others are interested in jetting off for a destination wedding. Wherever you fall, it is all about seeing it in real life. You can research and hop on calls, but you need to get a feel of the space. This can be challenging, especially if you are halfway across the world from your potential venues, but this is a worthy investment. After you have seen your favorite spots, you need to determine which one is “the one.” From there, you can see if they have your desired date and put down your deposit at your earliest convenience.
  5. Customize your wedding website. Around this time—about six to nine months before the wedding—you should prepare to get started on your stationery suite. But before you design your digital wedding invitation, there is another online piece to the puzzle. Your wedding website will serve as the digital hub for all things related to your wedding. Guests can visit it to learn more about your special day, and to make appropriate preparations for the festivities. You can even include an FAQ page to handle any tough questions, or add in your favorite restaurants or places to visit in the surrounding area. Plus, you can choose a design that will later coordinate with your Save the Dates and digital wedding invite.
  6. Send out your Save the Dates. During the six to nine months leading up to your wedding day, you should also design your Save the Dates. These can be printed or online, but if you are leaning toward digital wedding invitations, you will likely want to keep it all virtual. These should include only the basics (where and when you are getting married), to allow guests to make travel arrangements, book their lodging and take time off of work. Later on, your digital wedding invitation will detail even more about your special day.

At this point in your stationery making, you will be ready to get started on those digital wedding invites. These will include more extensive details about the events surrounding your celebration. 

How to Address Each Digital Wedding Invitation

While digital wedding invitations do not require envelopes with mail addresses, you will need to have the correct email addresses for all of your guests. And similar to their printed counterparts, you should also follow etiquette rules for digital wedding invites. One big part of this is how you address your guests in a digital wedding invitation, and the rules are different depending on their titles, relationship status and family members who are also invited to attend your wedding.

Your wedding guests all have different living situations and relationship statuses. Here is everything you need to know about addressing each of your guests in their digital wedding invite: 

  • Digital wedding invitation to individual wedding guests who do not have a plus-one: For starters, it is OK to not give all of your guests plus-ones. Whether it is a financial or personal decision, you are in the clear—but it is recommended to stay consistent and not give exceptions to certain people. You can go one of two ways here: Either include your guest’s first and last name or include their titles as well. Keep in mind that people with distinguished titles, like a doctor or judge, should be addressed appropriately (this goes for all of the guests included in this list!). 
  • Digital wedding invitation to individual wedding guests who are allowed to bring a plus-one: It is possible that you want to give your single friends and relatives a plus-one, but you do not know the names of the people they will ultimately ask to join them. If that is the case, you should follow all of the guidelines listed above, and then simply add “and Guest.” 
  • Digital wedding invitation to couples who do not live together: You also have two options here: You can address two separate digital wedding invitations and send one out to each of them, or you can include both of their names and send them to the person you are closest with. Because you are not technically “mailing” this, you should really go with whichever option makes you feel the most comfortable.
  • Digital wedding invitation to couples who live together, but are not married: You can send them out an invitation and either write out the names alphabetically, or include your friend or family member’s name first. If a couple is engaged, you could also add something sweet like, “The Future Mr. and Mrs.”—just make sure your friends are planning on sharing the same last name if you decide to include that on your digital wedding invitations.
  • Digital wedding invitation to couples who are married and living together: You have some decisions to make in this category as well. While the traditional route has been to write both titles (Mr. and Mrs.) followed by the husband’s full name, this rule cannot apply to same-sex couples or any couple with different last names. In this case, you can write out the couple’s full names and titles in alphabetical order or whomever you are closest with. Again, this is all about what feels the most authentic to you and your loved ones.
  • Digital wedding invitation to families with children over the age of 18: If you are inviting an entire family, and the parents have children over the age of 18, you should send out one digital wedding invite to the parents and separate ones to each child. This rule stands even if the entire family still lives in the same home together.
  • Digital wedding invitation to families with children under the age of 18: For kiddos under the age of 18, you can simply include their names in the same digital wedding invite sent out to their parents. The easiest route is to write their last name only (i.e. The Smith Family)—but that might not work if the parents or kids do not share the same last name. If that is the case, you can include the parents’ full names and titles, followed by the children’s names. You can include only their first names, or use the title “Miss” for any female children.

There are a lot of complicated etiquette rules when it comes to wedding planning, but hopefully this breakdown helps couples address their digital wedding invitations with ease. By addressing each guest properly in each digital wedding invitation, your guests will feel appreciated, understood and welcomed to the festivities coming up. That is why we highly recommend taking your time during this step and ensuring you have all of the most up-to-date and accurate information about your guests. 

And if you are ever unsure about a guest’s title, feel free to reach out and ask. Your loved ones will appreciate the effort, and that conversation could allow you to catch up with one of your favorite people.  

How Much Do Digital Wedding Invitations Cost?

When building a wedding budget, you will typically need to take into consideration the cost of your invitations as part of your overall expenses. Depending on where you live and what style you choose, printed invitations can cost as much as $5,000 to $8,000 per 100 invites. Since the average cost of a wedding in 2020 was just over $20,000, invitations can be a significant expense that should be entered into your wedding cost calculator.

Fortunately, digital wedding invitations are much more affordable for most couples. Bliss & Bone offers budget-friendly solutions for digital wedding invites that include all the most-wanted bells and whistles, including custom images, the ability to design a website and print invitations that match your digital wedding invitations and the support you need to manage this process in the most convenient and efficient way possible. By putting digital wedding invitations on your wedding planning checklist, you can save money while creating an indelible impression on those you invite to this very special event.

Exclusive Features for Digital Wedding Invitations From Bliss & Bone

Along with an exceptional array of digital wedding invitation examples and samples, Bliss & Bone also offers some important features that can enhance the quality of your digital wedding invitation and can allow you to make these online communications truly your own. Some of our most popular options include the following:

  • Links to your website, to venues and to accommodations in the area of your wedding can make your digital wedding invitation much more useful to your guests. Bliss & Bone makes it easy to insert clickable links in your digital wedding invitations and other digital communications.
  • Response tracking is built right into the Bliss & Bone digital wedding invite interface. This allows you to monitor responses to your invitation and to ensure that the most important guests are kept in the loop about your wedding plans.
  • Matching print and digital wedding invitations can allow you to create keepsakes for guests while making sure that they have the most up-to-date information on your wedding.
  • Matching websites from Bliss & Bone can be coordinated with your digital wedding invitation and other items to create the most cohesive look for your entire wedding.
  • Coordinated Save the Date cards can match your digital wedding invitation and website precisely.
  • Comment walls and personal pages can be linked to your digital wedding invites to allow your guests to share in the celebration before and after your bi day.
  • Custom event pages on your wedding website are another service provided by Bliss & Bone that can help you deliver necessary information quickly and in a convenient way.
  • Letterpress options create a layered appearance for your digital wedding invite that can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Follow-up emails and reminders allow you to make sure your guests receive your invitations and respond in a timely way.
  • The Bliss & Bone gallery of graphics, photos, images and objects is an excellent resource when designing a digital wedding invite you and your partner will love.
  • Text effects can make your digital wedding invitation a real standout by creating visual interest and excitement for these online communications.
  • Shadows and textures are an exclusive feature of Bliss & Bone digital invitations and can create a standout look for your wedding invitation.
  • Fully customizable digital wedding invitation options put you in the driver's seat when creating your own unique work of art.
  • Support for a variety of foreign languages is another way in which Bliss & Bone delivers outstanding flexibility for your digital wedding invitations.
tropical digital invite example

Managing International Digital Wedding Invitations

If you have friends and family members living in locations around the globe, making sure that your digital wedding invite can be translated to the appropriate language can be a challenge. At Bliss & Bone, our support for multiple languages is one of the most popular features of our digital wedding invites. We make it easy to reach your guests wherever they are and offer support for languages spoken and read around the world.

  • Digital wedding invitations in UKThe United Kingdom or UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you have friends and family in these areas, a digital wedding invitation can streamline the process by eliminating postal delays and costs for you and your partner. By making sure your guests receive their invitations on time, you can increase the chance that they can attend your ceremony and reception.
  • Digital wedding invitations in Europe: If you are planning to send digital wedding invitations in Europe, you can rely on Bliss & Bone to help you overcome the language barrier. Our interface makes it easy to translate your digital wedding invite into the appropriate language for your recipients.
  • Digital wedding invitations in Australia: Bliss & Bone can also assist you with sending digital wedding invitations in Australia that will impress your guests. We have the experience and the company infrastructure needed to deliver your digital wedding invite to the ones you love who live Down Under.
  • Digital wedding invitations in Canada: If you have relatives or friends living just north of the border, Bliss & Bone can make it easy to send digital wedding invitations in Canada that will wow your guests and will ensure the best attendance for your wedding reception and ceremony.
  • Digital wedding invitations in Mexico: Bliss & Bone offers language support to make sure your digital wedding invitations in Mexico are delivered in the right language for your recipients. Our experience in digital wedding invites can help you to manage your wedding planning process much more efficiently.
  • International digital wedding invitations: The interface at Bliss & Bone can allow you to select from a variety of languages to assist you in communicating clearly and consistently with every guest on your list.

At Bliss & Bone, we are one of the only digital wedding invite providers in the industry with integrated language support for international digital wedding invitations. We work with you throughout the process to make sure that you receive the right solutions to help you create a digital wedding invitation that is truly memorable for you, your wedding party and your invited guests.

Why Choose a Digital Wedding Invitation?

Your digital wedding invite can say a lot about you and your partner as a couple and can allow you both to express yourself in a meaningful way. There are many benefits of going digital rather than print for your wedding invitations:

  • Environmental responsibility: More couples are upgrading to green-friendly digital wedding invites to save money and to protect the environment. Your digital wedding invite can travel from your provider to your guests without postage costs and energy used for transportation. This can make a significant difference in the carbon footprint your wedding ceremony and reception will incur.
  • Online convenience: Creating and sending digital wedding invitations can eliminate the tedious task of writing notes and addressing your invitations by hand. Instead, you can send your digital wedding invites and receive RSVPs completely online. This can allow you to track responses, monitor deliveries and manage your digital wedding invitations in a practical and efficient way.
  • Clickable links: While printed invitations can include links to your wedding website, your digital wedding invite allows your invited guests to access this information with a simple click of a link. This can streamline the process and can help you to make this information as available as possible to those invited to your wedding ceremony and reception. Your digital wedding invitation can provide the ultimate in convenience for those you love most.
  • Added information: Printing and postage costs can sometimes limit the size of traditional wedding invitations. By contrast, digital wedding invitations can be expanded to include all types of information, including venues, accommodations, travel arrangements and other facts your guests and wedding party will need to know. You can even include a link to a section of your website that explains how you and your partner met, how your relationship grew and your plans for the future. This can create a customized experience for you and your wedding guests that can engage and excite them about your upcoming wedding plans.
  • Improved organization: When linked to your wedding website, your digital wedding invitation can also include tiered information to provide added access to your website for members of your wedding party and very special guests. This can allow you to provide the right information to those who need it most when sending out your digital wedding invitation and planning your wedding.
  • Lower costs: Because a digital wedding invite is significantly less expensive than a comparable printed invitation, you can expect to save money on the overall cost of your wedding when opting for digital wedding invitations. This can allow you to spend more on catering, décor or other items that can make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Choosing digital wedding invitations can ensure optimal convenience for you and your guests. Your digital wedding invite can be saved and referred back to when invited friends and family members need to check on various information. Since a digital wedding invitation is much less likely to be lost in the shuffle, you can also increase the likelihood that your wedding will be attended by those who matter most to you and your partner.

Finding the Perfect Digital Wedding Invitation Ideas

Your friends and family are excellent resources for you when looking for digital wedding invitation ideas that work for your wedding theme and plans. You can also consult with a wedding designer or wedding planner to help you create a digital wedding invite that reflects your personal aesthetic and that delivers the information your guests need to know. You can also look online for examples of designer digital wedding invitations that are suited to your own personal tastes.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer a selection of digital wedding invitation examples that will provide inspiration for your own custom creations. Our digital wedding invitation maker can allow you to customize your invitations and designs to suit your own personal tastes. Some of our most popular designs and examples are available for review on our website:

  • Floral digital wedding invitations: Bliss & Bone can help you design neutral floral digital wedding invites that will complement your wedding décor and designs perfectly. Floral wedding invitations are a perennial favorite among engaged couples, and there are so many options to choose from.
  • Modern digital wedding invitations: Modern digital wedding invitations typically offer a sleek and streamlined look, which can showcase your font choices and other elements of your digital wedding invites.
  • Tropical digital wedding invitations: If you are looking for tropical foliage designs for digital wedding invitations, Bliss & Bone can help you to customize a unique digital wedding invitation that will match your other printed and online wedding stationery. We can help you find the perfect digital wedding invite ideas for your celebration and your invited guests.
  • Classic digital wedding invitations: A simple and elegant floral digital wedding invitation continues to be one of the most popular and classic digital wedding invitation ideas. Bliss & Bone offers the right customization options to help you create the digital wedding invitation you want for your ceremony and reception.
  • Beachy digital wedding invitations: For more casual celebrations, a beachy and relaxed digital wedding invite can set the right tone for your upcoming nuptials. These digital wedding invitations are especially appropriate for weddings that are actually set on the beach or for destination weddings to exotic tropical locations.
  • Black and white digital wedding invitations: When in doubt, you can never go wrong with clean and elegant digital wedding invitation designs from Bliss & Bone. We specialize in helping couples to create the most beautiful and appropriate digital wedding invitations to reflect their love and commitment to each other during the lead-up to their ceremony and reception.
  • Colorful digital wedding invitations: While black and white is a classic color combination for digital wedding invites, some celebrations—especially those held in the spring and summer—call for bright and bold colors that complement the sunshine, flowers and greenery all around you. A colorful digital wedding invitation with colors ranging from hot pink to orange will truly set the tone for your event. 
  • Minimalist digital wedding invitations: For a digital wedding invitation that focuses on the details and takes advantage of empty space, minimalist designs are the best option for you. Most of these are more modern and tend to feature serif fonts and minimal designs, and they are the ideal digital wedding invitation for a chic, sleek affair. Minimalist weddings also do not fit with any particular season; you can host this type of event at any time during the year.
  • Metallic digital wedding invitations: You can get the same look without needing to pay the same amount for a printed feature like metallic foil. For instance, there are gold digital wedding invitation ideas that couples absolutely love. These digital wedding invitations pop and shimmer on guests screens and work well for anything from a modern to vintage-inspired gathering.
  • Vintage digital wedding invitations: This might seem counterintuitive, but you can make a vintage digital wedding invitation that feels like it was made during another time. Vintage features include deckle edges, soft and muted colors and anything else that simply seems to be the opposite of modern (think vintage stamps or dried flowers).
  • Greenery digital wedding invitations: The botanical style is a forever trending idea for a greenery-heavy digital wedding invitation. These focus on the greenery, and they can range from garden-centric to tropical. 
  • Boho digital wedding invitations: One wedding theme that will likely never go out of style? Bohemian-inspired celebrations are a perennial favorite among couples, and it often focuses on nature and warm colors. You will often see pampas grass and flowy dresses associated with this, and your boho digital wedding invitation can reflect this theme as well.
  • Artistic digital wedding invitations: Go for a whimsical, super unique style that matches the vibe of your artistic celebration. These types of digital wedding invites look like an artist used some sort of painting or other technique to craft these inspired designs. The Helena digital wedding invite, for example, has a tie-dye effect that combines shades of pink, yellow and red. Meanwhile, the Paloma digital wedding invite uses soft, blush pink accents that look just like a watercolor painting.
  • Mountain digital wedding invitations: If you’re heading up to the mountains for your nuptials, why not show off the terrain in your digital wedding invites? In the spring and summer, you can choose more vibrant colors with natural accents, and then go for darker hues in the fall and wintertime. With a digital wedding invite, you can also incorporate three-dimensional objects like sticks and pine cones, both of which are featured in the Annabeth template design.
  • Nature-inspired digital wedding invitations: Along with mountain-inspired objects and styles, there are near-countless ideas out there for couples interested in celebrating nature with their digital wedding invites. The Riley digital wedding invite, for instance, features eucalyptus that almost look real. And for a more abstract version of the classic digital wedding invite, consider the Clara template. Another option is to start your digital wedding invite from scratch, and add in a background or three-dimensional objects that reflect your natural surroundings.

The easy-to-use digital wedding invitation maker at Bliss & Bone can provide the tools and the added features needed to make the most positive impact on your invitation recipients. We are here to help you create the digital wedding invite of your dreams.

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How RSVPs Work When You Send Out a Digital Wedding Invite

When you request RSVPs on your digital wedding invite, you can head to your account to see how many people have submitted their responses. Before sending out your digital wedding invites, it’s important to have all of the necessary information for your guests—namely, the names of everyone in each household and the best email to reach them. 

Collecting RSVPs From a Digital Wedding Invite

At Bliss & Bone, you have the opportunity to review the RSVPs from every digital wedding invite by visiting the “Mange + Track” page on your account. There, you will see two important details: The number of guests attending from each party and whether or not the email has been opened. At the top of this dashboard, you’ll also see the total number of guests who are attending, not attending and have not yet replied. This can help you gauge the number of expected guests as it gets closer to your wedding day. 

If there are guests who have not yet responded, you can send a follow-up by clicking on the “Follow Up” button. You can also take advantage of sending out a free test, so you can see exactly how your follow-up message will look. Plus, you can even add last-minute guests if you decide to add more to your list. 

Collecting RSVPs From a Wedding Website

Many couples also decide to collect RSVPs through their wedding website, which allows for more customization. If that is something you and your partner are interested in, you should add a RSVP page to your wedding website and mention instructions on how to RSVP in your digital wedding invite. Through your RSVP page, you can add events like the wedding, rehearsal dinner, brunch and more. You also ask your guests questions beyond the “yes” and “no.” So, if you want to know their dietary restrictions, meal preferences or even what songs they want to hear at the reception, you can ask away in the RSVP form. 

After you have completed your RSVP form on the wedding website, you’ll want to head over to the “My RSVPs” section. There, you will see all of the responses for all of the events related to your wedding day or wedding weekend. 

Couples choose to either collect RSVPs through their digital wedding invites or via their wedding website. There isn’t a right or wrong choice here, but the wedding website option gives you more flexibility and customization. But if you simply want to know guests’ “yes” or “no” responses, you can stick with the digital wedding invite format. Talk all of your available choices through with your partner before deciding on how you plan to ask your guests to RSVP. 

What to Do After Sending Out Your Digital Wedding Invitations

After you have sent out your digital wedding invitation, you might feel like all of the stationery-related work is behind you. However, you still need to confirm one important thing: Your final guest count. After receiving their digital wedding invitation, each guest should respond within the requested time frame. The best advice is to ask your guests to submit their RSVPs by about two to three weeks before your wedding, and you should make that as clear as possible in your digital wedding invite.

As you can probably imagine, there is a lot that needs to get done in the final weeks leading up to your celebration. You will be fielding calls from all of your vendors to finalize details, and you will be checking your account periodically to see which guests have replied to your digital wedding invitation. If your guests have not yet replied to their digital wedding invite, you may need to do some outreach and check in with them. This might feel challenging, but it is important to hash out these details as quickly as you can. Plus, it could allow you to have a fun chat with a loved one.

Once everyone has replied to the digital wedding invitation and you have a final number, you need to:

  • Reach out to the appropriate vendors. You should let your planner, venue coordinator and caterer know exactly how many people have replied “yes” to the digital wedding invitation you sent them. This will give them time to plan out the number of seats needed at the ceremony and reception, and figure out how much food is needed for the festivities.
  • Think about where you and your partner will sit at the reception. Would you prefer to sit with friends or family, or do you want a more intimate meal with your partner? Some couples opt to eat their reception meal privately, while others like the idea of a sweetheart table for two. You can also choose to sit at a long table with your wedding party or families. 
  • Decide where your friends and family will sit at the reception. After figuring out where you will sit, it is time to decide on the rest of your loved ones’ seats. You have two key options here: Assign a seat to each guest, so you have total control over where everyone goes at the reception; or assign a table to each guest and let them figure out where to sit. You can assess whether you have enough time—or even care—to choose a specific seat for every guest, but it might make more sense to assign groups of people to different tables.
  • Choose a display seating chart design. While this might feel like an afterthought, it is anything but. Your seating or table assignments should be on display at  your cocktail hour, so your guests can meander over and see where they need to go once the reception kicks off. You can use a simple board and feature table numbers and names below each one, or you can get really creative. We have seen everything from shot glasses to a global map showing where people will sit during the reception. 

These are the necessary steps to follow before you can enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. There are so many parts of your day to look forward to, and taking care of these logistical needs is key to helping you fully enjoy all of the celebrating that awaits you, your partner and your loved ones.

Matching Your Digital Wedding Invite to the Rest of Your Stationery Suite

Your digital wedding invitation is only one aspect of your entire stationery suite. At Bliss & Bone, wedding couples have the opportunity to shop our curated collections that include everything from Save the Dates to wedding menus. When you shop by collection, these designs are cohesive without being matchy-matchy, and they are a much more cost-effective option for those seeking out an ultra-chic digital wedding invitation, wedding website and much more. Here is everything you can find within many of the Bliss & Bone stationery collections:

  • Wedding website: Your information hub can coordinate with your stationery suite with high-design templates with plenty of extra pages to express your creativity. 
  • Save the Date: Your Save the Dates serve as a primer for your guests, so they can prepare for all of the activities ahead. You can go with a printed or online design, but the latter is preferred if you are interested in a digital wedding invitation.
  • Wedding invitation: If you have made it this far in the guide, chances are you are most interested in a digital wedding invite. However, there are also printed options to explore if you are curious about the more traditionally formatted wedding invitations out there. 
  • Rehearsal dinner invitation: In most cases, someone else will be in charge of hosting your rehearsal dinner. That being said, you can always suggest that the host use a piece from your curated collection. These are available as printed and digital wedding invite designs, so you can go whichever route you (and the host!) want. 
  • Wedding menu: So, what is for dinner? Guests will be curious about what is on the menu at the wedding, and these particular templates are available to show them in a cohesive way. Your wedding menu can show the wedding couple’s names, the date of the celebration and of course, all of the courses coming up.
  • Logo or monogram: Perhaps the most unique part of designing your digital wedding invite and other stationery items at Bliss & Bone is the fact that you can create a custom logo or monogram. These personalized designs are crafted by one of the designers on our team. You will receive one revision with your purchase, which allows you to work with your designated designer to make any changes you would like. Then, you can send over your approval and you will receive it promptly. These logos or monograms are available for use on Bliss & Bone products or elsewhere, or both! You will make that decision when you pay for your logo or monogram.

Your stationery is an incredibly significant part of your wedding. It not only informs guests about all of the events and details, but it also sets the tone for your wedding day design. You can incorporate your color palette, floral choices and other design elements that feel authentic to your venue and celebration as a whole.

Why Couples Decide to Add a Logo or Monogram to their Digital Wedding Invites

If you love personalization, look no further than adding a logo or monogram to your digital wedding invite design. A monogram is typically considered a motif that features your and your partner’s initials. It generally combines two or three letters, like your first names and soon-to-be-shared last name, in an artistic way. Alternatively, a logo is a design that can feature your names, wedding date and even a drawing or other type of iconography. 

There are so many reasons why couples ultimately choose to work with a designer on crafting the perfect logo or monogram. Here are some of the main “pros” to making your own:

  1. You can use your monogram or logo on stationery. Along with your digital wedding invite, the monogram or logo you choose can be displayed on any other stationery you want. Your Save the Dates, rehearsal dinner invites and wedding menus can all display it. 
  2. You can use your monogram or logo for other wedding elements. Stationery is just the beginning for your monogram and logo. In fact, the team at Bliss & Bone can prepare a logo or monogram that you can use on practically anything you can imagine. From custom aisle runners to cocktail napkins to dance floor signage, there is a lot you can do with your monogram or logo. 
  3. You can get really creative. Some couples thrive in environments where they can truly express themselves. Designing your logo or monogram can help inform other decor decisions you make along the way. Consider your color palette, wedding theme and personal style as you design your own. 
  4. You can save it as a digital memento. Everyone loves a keepsake, and why not digitize yours by crafting a monogram or logo? What’s more, you can save it for later and use it on other stationery items like thank you notes (more on that later!). 

Your wedding day is truly one-of-a-kind and a logo or monogram can further reflect that. Plus, don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced pros as you weigh your options. You can work through all of your ideas with your stationer and even your wedding planner as well. 

Other Stationery Items to Consider While Wedding Planning

Along with your digital wedding invites, you should also think about the other paper products you might need to order or design with a stationer. These are items you’ll want from the ceremony to after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. Here are a few of the stationery selections you’ll want to ask your stationer about:

  • Ceremony programs: These are often passed out to guests prior to the ceremony. Guests will enter and receive a program before making their way to their seats. Using the program, guests can follow along and learn more about the ceremony timeline. Couples typically include information about the officiant, wedding party, readings and more in the ceremony program. 
  • Escort displays: Usually designed as a board displayed at the cocktail hour, this shows guests where they will sit at the upcoming reception. You can also use your imagination here, and some couples go the extra mile with over-the-top escort displays
  • Escort cards: Of course, you’ll also need escort cards of some sort to go with the display. These can be simple cards that guests use to take their place at the reception, or they can be a fun activity. We’ve seen custom shot glasses, luggage tags and more that share guests’ table assignments.
  • Place cards: If you are giving specific seating assignments to your guests, you need to order place cards that go on the reception tables. These can include their full names or first names only.
  • Thank you notes: After all is said and done, you need to thank your guests for attending your celebration and sending over a gift. Your thank you notes can feature your names and even a design that is reminiscent of your wedding day.

Your wedding day is bound to be an epic celebration of love, and having all of your stationery organized can help make it even better. From start to finish, making sure that your stationery is all cohesive is a significant part of the design elements involved in the planning process. 

How Bliss & Bone Can Help You with Your Digital Wedding Invitation

At Bliss & Bone, we offer beautiful and elegant digital wedding invitation examples that can guide your design process. Whether you are looking for tips for designing digital wedding invitations or interested in linking your digital wedding invitations to your wedding website, our team can provide the tools and expertise you need to manage all aspects of your digital wedding invitation process. If you would like to know more about the services we offer or to begin designing your digital wedding invite right away, you can visit Bliss & Bone online or email us at Either way, we look forward to the opportunity to help you create the perfect digital wedding invitation for the ceremony and reception of your dreams.

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