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Paperless Wedding Invites: Details From the Experts

By Bliss & Bone

paperless wedding invitations

Why Paperless Wedding Invitations Make Sense for You and Your Partner

If you are planning your wedding for this year or next, finding a way to express your own unique style may be a priority for you and your partner. Paperless wedding invites are an excellent way to communicate valuable information to your friends and family while protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. Designing and sending paperless invitations for a wedding can make a real impression on your invited guests and can reduce the amount you pay for these essential elements of wedding stationery.

Your paperless wedding evite can do more than just save trees. Paperless wedding invites can also save you time by allowing you to collect RSVPs online through your wedding website. Planning a paperless wedding can help you to avoid issues with invitations that could be lost in the mail, which can lead to misunderstandings that could potentially mar your big day. Finally, opting for paperless invitations for a wedding can also save you a considerable amount of money that can be spent on other aspects of your wedding.

At Bliss & Bone, we can help you design, enhance and deliver paperless wedding invitations that suit your style and impress your guests. We offer the best paperless wedding invitations for your special day. If you want to make this once-in-a-lifetime occasion unforgettable, Bliss & Bone can provide the help you need to create lasting memories for you, your partner and your guests before and during your wedding ceremony. Your paperless wedding evite will set the tone for your wedding and will provide the necessary information to ensure that your wedding ceremony and reception go smoothly and according to plan.

How Do You Create a Paperless Wedding Invitation?

At Bliss & Bone, we work with you to answer the question, "How do you do paperless wedding invites that will impress your guests?" You can start with looking at the paperless wedding invitation samples at Bliss & Bone to gain inspiration for your own unique design. Your paperless wedding invite can be tailored to reflect your own personal aesthetic and that of your partner, which can create a real connection between these items of wedding stationery and the commitment you and your partner share. Some of the most important items to include in your paperless wedding invite include the following elements:

  • Logistical information: Making sure your guests know when and where your wedding ceremony and reception will take place is one of the key functions of your paperless wedding invite. You should include information on the venue, travel arrangements and reception options as part of your paperless wedding invite. Of course, the date, time and location of your wedding reception and ceremony should also be included as part of your paperless wedding preparations.
  • Response links: Planning a paperless wedding can allow you to streamline the RSVP process for your guests while providing you with a convenient way to track responses. By including a link within your paperless wedding invite that allows your invited guests to let you know their plans to attend, you can keep a more accurate running count of the number of people who will be attending your wedding ceremony and reception. You may also be able to collect information on meal selections and dietary restrictions by linking your paperless wedding invite to your wedding website.
  • Added information: Along with the basic facts about venues, times, dates and expected attire, you can often incorporate details about local attractions, accommodations and other information that could be useful to your invited guests. By including these items on your paperless wedding invitation or adding a link to your wedding website, you can make it much easier for your guests to make plans around your wedding day celebration.
  • Your own unique aesthetic touches: One of the most essential elements of your paperless wedding invite is the care and attention to detail you and your partner dedicate to creating a custom design. Adding your wedding logo or monogram can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your paperless wedding evites. Additionally, customizing your paperless invitations for a wedding with graphics and background images will make these items of online wedding stationery truly your own.
  • A link to your wedding registry: Because your paperless wedding invitation is digital, you can easily include a link to your wedding registry as part of your custom paperless wedding invites. This can allow your guests to manage their gift-giving activities much more efficiently and easily.

By integrating these elements into your paperless wedding invitation, you can create a memorable and useful invite that incorporates all the information your guests need and want to know. This can create the most positive impression on your invited guests and can help you to manage your wedding arrangements in the most practical and convenient manner possible.

tropical paperless wedding invites
neutral paperless wedding invites

Why a Paperless Wedding Makes Sense

Going paperless for your wedding can provide some real benefits for you and your partner. While virtual weddings are not yet the norm in the industry, finding ways to reduce economic and environmental costs for your wedding can be critical to the success of your ceremony and reception. Here are some of the most important reasons to consider a paperless wedding this year:

  • More reliable delivery: Your paperless wedding invites can provide you with return receipts to let you know when your invited guests receive and read these communications. This can help you to avoid the inconvenience of lost invitations and the misunderstandings that can sometimes arise from these mishaps.
  • Reduced costs for postage and printing: Even if you choose to print some of your invitations for those without easily accessible email addresses, you and your partner can save a considerable amount of money on these printed invitations. Because paperless wedding invites are sent digitally, they do not require postage or processing that can also cost you more money.
  • Easier scheduling: Your paperless wedding invitation can be sent immediately to recipients. This process eliminates the lag time of mailing items through the postal services and can streamline your schedule for sending out paperless invitations for a wedding.
  • Better for the environment: Your paperless wedding invite is one of the most green-friendly choices you can make when planning for your wedding. By eliminating the energy expenditures needed to mail out printed invitations and the paper used for printed invites, you can reduce the carbon footprint associated with your wedding plans. Going paperless can help you to demonstrate your commitment to green-friendly living during this important event in both your lives.
  • Added convenience when tracking responses: Most of the best paperless wedding invitations allow you to accept RSVPs and to track them online. This can help you to make plans for catering, seating and other arrangements well in advance of your wedding day. By opting for paperless wedding invitations, you can make it easier to prepare for your reception and ceremony more efficiently and easily.

At Bliss & Bone, we can provide you with printed invitations, paperless wedding invite options and websites that can help you create your own personalized look and feel for your wedding. We work with couples across the country to deliver the best solutions for their needs throughout the wedding planning process. Can you do paperless wedding arrangements in a practical way? Bliss & Bone can help you with elegant paperless wedding evites designed to suit your needs.

Linking Your Paperless Wedding Invitation to Your Website

For most couples, there are a number of important reasons to create a wedding website. Your wedding website is a great source of information on changes in venues and updated information about all aspects of your upcoming ceremony and reception. For as little as $5 a month for up to a year, you can create a website that provides your guests with ongoing access to the latest information on your wedding plans and that delivers added convenience for you and your guests.

Creating the perfect wedding website can be challenging or even intimidating for novices. At Bliss & Bone, our innovative and intuitive interface can help you to design and create a wedding website you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. Our websites are affordable and can provide added flexibility in delivering the right information for your wedding arrangements and in allowing your guests to access the information they need to plan for your big day. Bliss & Bone makes it simple to put your own unique spin on the design and the contents of your wedding website and to include details and information to make it truly your own.

Choosing a Style for Your Paperless Wedding Invite

Taking a look at the paperless wedding invite examples available on the Bliss & Bone site can help you to make the most appropriate choices for your paperless wedding invitation. Our site is filled with paperless wedding invitation samples that can help you find the perfect options for your needs. If you are looking for the most beautiful wedding invitation design ideas, Bliss & Bone can help you find the best paperless wedding invite examples to ensure the most positive response from your friends and family members. Some of our most popular styles include the following:

  • Floral-themed paperless wedding invitations are ideally suited for traditional wedding ceremonies and receptions. By matching your paperless wedding invite to your wedding flowers as closely as possible, you can create a cohesive floral theme for your entire wedding.
  • Tropical paperless wedding evites are great choices for destination weddings to exotic locations.
  • Creating a custom paperless wedding invite with a beach or island theme can convey a message about your wedding plans that will assist your guests in choosing the right attire and creating the perfect atmosphere for your ceremony and reception. By letting your guests know that your wedding will be relaxed and beachy, you can ensure that your special day goes precisely as planned.
  • Edgy architectural paperless wedding invitations can also communicate your wedding style and expected attire to your guests. Because these paperless wedding invitations are modern and avant-garde, they can signal that the wedding itself will be upscale, elegant and modern in tone and atmosphere.
  • Paperless wedding evites with green foliage and a tropical theme can be used to announce a wide range of wedding types and styles. These beautiful paperless wedding invitations are perfect backdrops for the key information you need to communicate to your invited guests.
  • Elegant and clean paperless wedding invites are always a solid choice. These paperless wedding invitations are well-suited for all types of weddings and can showcase your fonts and other style choices in the most positive and impressive way.
  • Modern minimalist paperless wedding invites are ones that focus on the key details and feature fewer accents. In most cases, these will have a black and white color palette, use minimal text and a simple design (if any). From black tie celebrations to intimate backyard ceremonies, this style works for virtually any type of wedding. 
  • While it may seem counterintuitive, you can find a plethora of formal and classic paperless wedding invites. Most formal weddings are associated with printed invites, but you can discover classic templates for paperless wedding invites. These will look like their printed counterparts, but come with the added convenience of delivering directly to your guests’ email inboxes.  
  • For a celebration in the mountains, there are thoughtful and unique templates for paperless wedding invites. You can seek out options that showcase specific elements and objects that you would find on or around your wedding location. For example, a paperless wedding invite with darker, natural colors like blues and greens and objects such as pine cones and sticks would coordinate well with a mountain wedding.
  • Paperless wedding invites for a desert wedding often feature warm colors like various shades of pink, orange and brown. There are also desert plants that can serve as the ultimate accent piece in your paperless wedding invites. Looking for a design with plants or colors that reflect the area is another route that suits a desert wedding.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer an array of customization options that can allow you and your partner to create paperless wedding invites that will impress your guests and will convey your own personal aesthetic style perfectly.

Where to Find Inspiration for Your Paperless Wedding Invite Design

Of all the paperless wedding invites out there, how are you supposed to choose the best one for you and your partner? There are several popular factors that can ultimately inspire the overall look of your big day. From where you say “I do” to the date that will later become your anniversary, these are the key aspects that you and your partner should consider during your process:

  • Your venue or the city where you’re getting married: Your wedding venue accounts for about 40 percent of your total budget, so it makes sense that it is a major part of your aesthetic. You could plan for your paperless wedding invite to match the decor and color palette of a particular resort, or you could even ask your stationer to coordinate with a unique tile pattern on the floor of a venue’s ballroom. There are near-countless sources of inspiration at your venue, so look around and see what would fit with the aesthetic and vibe you have been imagining for your big day. Beyond the venue, the city where you are getting married could also contribute to your stationery and decor mood board. For instance, the pastel tones of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco can inform future decisions about your paperless wedding invites and general theme (Bonus points if you can schedule a time to take some portraits in front of the historic homes). 
  • Your color palette: Even if you are still working through your wedding theme, there are colors you and your partner likely gravitate toward—or completely dislike. Maybe you are reenergized every time you see a pop of yellow, but your partner hates it. Or perhaps you both love the color blue. You can work with your stationery expert or use an online builder to test out different colors and color combinations for your paperless wedding invites. In your day-to-day life, you should also take note of the colors you really love and could envision as a significant part of your wedding decor when the big day finally arrives. 
  • Your wedding theme: You can go all-out with your wedding theme, or keep it simple. If you are getting married in a popular spot like Jackson Hole or Aspen, you may want a chic country western theme. Or if you are celebrating your love in a dreamy outdoor setting, you could also ask your guests to dress in garden formal attire. After you have decided on your theme, you can think through potential options for your paperless wedding invite that would translate effectively. Make sure to share your ideas with your partner and stationer, as both can provide their opinions and suggestions on moving forward with your chosen theme. 
  • Your wedding date and the time of year: The seasonal aspect of your wedding is yet another source of inspiration for your paperless wedding invite. You can really lean into the fall season by using a color palette featuring oranges, browns and yellows, with the option of adding in leaves and other natural objects. Or you could select a paperless wedding invite template that’s bursting with pink and orange flowers—a great idea for spring and summer weddings alike. Or you could go for a glam and glitzy paperless wedding invite with lots of metallic accents for a New Year’s Eve wedding.
  • Your relationship: When in doubt, remember what your favorite people are gathering to celebrate: you and your love. If you and your partner are both obsessed with all things New York City, develop your theme and paperless wedding invite from that shared interest. Or if you met in the city of love, or just love all things Parisian, go with that theme in your paperless wedding invites, decor and more. Aside from cities that mean a lot to both of you, you can also expand upon other common bonds like food, hobbies and anything else that is important to you and your unique relationship.

The secret to your wedding style is all around you. You can use your favorite things from your daily life to create the most personal and original celebration possible. The most important thing is to honor your and your partner’s love authentically and fully, and that requires a lot of looking inward and talking it all out. Sit down with your partner and go through what matters most to you. The answer will likely help you select a theme and color palette, which you can then use to design your special paperless wedding invites. 

When to Send Out Your Paperless Wedding Invites

Paperless wedding invitations do not need to go through the mail, which makes them a more reliable, easier to send option for couples. You can save both money and time when you send out a paperless wedding invite, which can really come in handy if you are working with a shorter wedding planning timeline. For a paperless wedding invite, your guests should receive one about six to eight weeks before your big day. But there are so many things you need to accomplish before you get to your paperless wedding invites. Here are our recommendations to consider while mapping out your planning process: 

  1. Have a conversation with your partner and any other relevant people about your budget. Your budget is perhaps the most important part of all of this (aside from your love, of course!), and you need to understand how much you both expect your dream wedding will cost. In many cases, couples’ families or even friends have offered to help financially. If that is the case for you, you should include any of these relevant “stakeholders” in the conversation. In addition to your paperless wedding invitations, you should also weigh your options for venues, decor and more.
  2. Consider hiring a professional planner. Already feeling a little overwhelmed by the wedding planning process? Know that you are not alone — and you do not have to be! There are professional wedding planners based all over the world, and they are equipped to help you stay organized, well-informed and more excited than stressed about your wedding day. For instance, they can even help suggest stationers or ideas for your paperless wedding invites. Planners typically walk you through every step of the process, but coordinators are another option. With a coordinator, you can hire these pros to tackle your timeline the month before, week before or even the day of your wedding. 
  3. Figure out your guest list — or at least an estimated number. Your guest list really matters, especially since it will inform how much your venue and vendors will cost you. Think about it: You will need to know exactly how many people need a paperless wedding invite, a seat at your reception and everything in between. Microweddings are becoming increasingly popular, but large, multi-hundred person weddings are still happening as well. You and your partner likely have a clear vision of the people you want to attend your wedding, but you should have a more formal conversation about it. After that is decided, you can share this number with potential venues and vendors to get accurate pricing estimates.
  4. Research potential wedding venues and select your favorite. Are you envisioning a wedding in your parents’ backyard, or a faraway island in the Caribbean? Weddings happen all over the world throughout the year, and couples can get as traditional or creative as they want. As you consider your budget and general preferences, you will probably lean toward one specific area. Once you have agreed on the general region, you should research top venues in the area and then plan your visits. Seeing these places in real life is key, since you will have a better feel for the space when you go in person. If everything fits your budget and style, you should book your venue as soon as possible. 
  5. Design your wedding website. One of the first big wedding to-dos is your wedding website. This is the online hub where guests can explore photos of you and your partner, see recommendations for travel and lodging and so much more. You can also look through collections to find an option that coordinates with your dream paperless invitations for a wedding (more on that later). 
  6. Customize your Save the Dates. Just before designing and sending out your paperless wedding invites, do not miss out on the Save the Date. These are technically optional, but highly recommended — especially if you anticipate that a lot of guests will need to travel to your event. Your Save the Dates present the basics: where and when your wedding is happening.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you are well on your way to creating the paperless wedding invite of your dreams. Your paperless wedding invite should include more details than your Save the Date, particularly the exact time and venue name (or names, if you plan to relocate for the reception or after party). In your paperless wedding invite, you also need to give your guests a deadline. It is recommended that they submit their RSVPs to your paperless wedding invite by about two to three weeks before your celebration.

What Sets Bliss & Bone's Paperless Wedding Invites Apart

Bliss & Bone makes it easy and convenient to create custom paperless wedding invitations that are precisely right for your ceremony. Unlike sites that offer bare-bones paperless wedding invite options, Bliss & Bone allows you to customize your invitation to suit your needs perfectly. Some of the most important features available from Bliss & Bone for your paperless wedding invitation include the following options:

  • The ability to add links that connect to venues, accommodations and your wedding website can help your invited guests to find the information they need quickly and easily.
  • Matching save-the-date cards, websites and paperless wedding invite options are ideal ways to create a cohesive look for your entire wedding suite. Bliss & Bone offers the ability to carry design elements from your paperless wedding invite through your website and other printed and online stationery items.
  • Your event page can also be customized to create a unique look and feel for your online wedding sites. Bliss & Bone offers this feature to assist you in delivering the right information at every stage of the wedding planning process.
  • A gallery of graphics, image and photo options available from Bliss & Bone can allow you to combine the perfect elements to create the impression you want for your paperless wedding invitation, save-the-date cards and other parts of your wedding stationery suite.
  • Exclusive textures, shadows and text effects can make your design stand out from the crowd. If you want your paperless wedding invite to be remembered and admired, these special effects can make your paperless invitations for a wedding truly special for you and your guests.
  • Colors and themes available from Bliss & Bone can help you to create an unforgettable appearance for your websites, your paperless wedding invitations and more.
  • Foreign language support is one of the exclusive features of Bliss & Bone paperless wedding invitations. We make it easy to communicate with family members and friends in your local area and around the world to let them know about your big event.

At Bliss & Bone, we deliver the features you need to create the most beautiful and informative paperless wedding invitations for your upcoming nuptials - check out these vintage invitations for inspiration. Our easy-to-use interface can help you to create the best paperless wedding invitations for your needs.

Paperless Wedding Invite Examples
Abigail Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Abigail Wedding Invitation
Austen Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Austen Wedding Invitation
Blair Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Blair Wedding Invitation
Charlotte Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Charlotte Wedding Invitation
Elodie Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Elodie Wedding Invitation
Farrah Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Farrah Wedding Invitation
Kieran Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Kieran Wedding Invitation
Kinsley Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Kinsley Wedding Invitation

Planning Your International Paperless Wedding Invites

If you are planning to invite friends and relatives from around the world, Bliss & Bone can help with international paperless wedding invites that support a variety of foreign languages and linguistic styles. This exclusive feature can make it easy to communicate with those you love in the language most appropriate for this task. Some of our most popular paperless wedding invite options are listed below:

  • Paperless wedding invites in Mexico: For family members and friends who live south of the border, paperless wedding invites in Mexico can allow you to skip the long journey through the postal service to streamline the invitation process.
  • Paperless wedding invites in Europe: If you are planning to send paperless wedding invites in Europe, you can trust Bliss & Bone to deliver your paperless wedding invitation on time in this part of the world.
  • Paperless wedding invites in the UK: The United Kingdom includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you need to send paperless wedding invites in the UK, Bliss & Bone can provide the help you need to create the most beautiful paperless wedding invitation for your upcoming gala event.
  • Paperless wedding invites in Australia: Inviting guests from Down Under can be much easier by trusting Bliss & Bone with your paperless wedding invites in Australia. We offer the right solutions for paperless wedding invitation options and can help you to design a paperless wedding evite that is precisely right for your big day.
  • Paperless wedding invites in Canada: For those who have relatives and friends closer to home, we can assist you with sending paperless wedding invites in Canada that will impress your invited guests. We can even provide you with paperless wedding invite examples to ensure the most unique look for your own international paperless wedding invites.

Whether you are inviting guests to an exotic destination wedding or sticking much closer to home, your paperless wedding invite can reflect your own personal aesthetic and can help you make the best impression on those who receive it. If you are looking for exclusive paperless wedding invite examples, Bliss & Bone can help you create the perfect paperless wedding invitation for your guests no matter where they live or what language they speak.

How Much Do Paperless Wedding Invites Cost?

Wedding invitations can be expensive, costing as much as $8,000 per 100 invitations. This can account for a sizable portion of your wedding budget, as in 2020, couples paid an average of $20,300 for their weddings. Choosing a paperless wedding invitation can reduce costs and can help you manage your budget much more efficiently.

While printed wedding invites can run into the thousands, paperless options are significantly less. That is why so many couples are gravitating toward the idea of a paperless wedding invite. On average, 100 paperless wedding invites should cost about $100 — or about $1 per card. Bliss & Bone’s pricing is on par with the average, and you can expect for paperless wedding invites to start at $0.90, depending on how many you need to send out.

At Bliss & Bone, we work with you to make sure your paperless wedding evite is as affordable as possible. We also offer paperless wedding invitation samples that can inspire you to greater creativity and can help you to create the best paperless wedding invitations for your celebratory event.

How to Personalize the RSVP Process for Your Paperless Wedding Invites

After you send out your paperless wedding invites, the hope is that your guests will reply by about two to three weeks before your big day. You will need to know if they will be attending your event, but there are so many other questions you can ask your guests in the RSVP submission section. 

If you ultimately send out paperless wedding invites, make sure to connect it to your wedding website. That way, you can provide your guests with an easy-to-use form that they can fill out and help you better prepare for everything coming up. These ideas for your RSVP form include questions about:

  • Meal preferences: If you are serving a multi-course meal, you likely need to know which specific main course your guests want. In most cases, the meal options include beef, fish or vegetarian. You can share all of the details about each course, or merely ask for these basic pieces of information. 
  • Dietary restrictions: It is possible that many of your guests have particular dietary restrictions or allergies. You can provide a section to show your thoughtfulness, and it will give your catering team all of the information they need to prepare the proper meals for all of your guests. This is a safety concern for some guests, and taking these extra steps to care for your guests will lead to the best and most considerate experience for your friends and family members. 
  • Attendance to other events: Couples often decide to host pre- or post-wedding events, like a welcome party or brunch after the wedding. If this interests you and your partner, you can ask your guests if they can attend these additional events in the RSVP form. There are also ways to curate specific guest lists for each event. So, if only immediate family members and the wedding party are invited to the rehearsal dinner, you can ask that subset of people for their responses. 
  • Song requests: Let’s be real: You, your partner and your guests are probably most excited about hitting the dance floor to conclude your festivities. In the final month before your wedding, you will hop on a call and can talk through the genres and songs you (and your guests!) will want to hear. To get the party started and to prepare for this vendor call, you can add a space where your guests can recommend songs they would love to hear at your wedding. So, whether you have a band or a DJ, you can use this virtual suggestion box to ask for particular songs to play during the reception. 

Your wedding day should be special for you, your partner and your invited guests. One way to make everyone feel seen and heard is to ask them a variety of questions that will give them the best experience imaginable at your wedding. With your paperless wedding invites, you have the opportunity to curate a menu and even reception playlist that you and your guests will absolutely love and appreciate. 

What to Do After Receiving RSVPs From Your Paperless Wedding Invites

Your guests will receive their paperless wedding invite and then head over to your RSVP wedding website to submit their responses. You should have all of the responses in by two weeks before your big day (at the latest!). As is expected, the month leading up to your wedding is incredibly overwhelming. You might need to finalize details with your vendors and make a few last-minute changes. And after getting RSVPs from your paperless wedding invites, you will also need to figure out your final guest total and map out your seating chart.

For a paperless wedding invitation, guests will visit your website to submit “yes” or “no” about their attendance to your event. If there are any guests who have not yet replied after receiving a paperless wedding invite, you may need to do some outreach. It is possible that their paperless wedding invitation ended up in the wrong folder or they simply forgot to check their email. If that is the case, you may need to reach out by calling or texting to confirm their attendance.

When you have your final list, reach out to the relevant vendors. Your planner, venue coordinator or contact and caterer are especially important, since they will need to make adjustments for seating and meals. After that, you will want to think about your reception and where you and your partner will sit. Would you prefer an intimate sweetheart table for a little alone time, or do you love the idea of a large table with your wedding party? Either way, you will need to communicate that to your contact at the venue. 

Once your positioning is established, you can choose between assigning seats or tables to each of your wedding guests. For the former, you will need to take the time to assign a specific chair to each guest. This will require a bit more time and effort, but you will have full control over which guests sit where. If you are running short on time or do not care where exactly people sit, you can group sets of people by table and let them choose their particular seats when they arrive at the reception. 

Matching Your Paperless Wedding Invite Design to the Rest of Your Stationery Suite

Your stationery needs go far beyond your paperless wedding invitations. Prior to creating your paperless wedding invite, you should also have completed your wedding website and Save the Date. Plus, there are tasks to complete after sending out your paperless wedding invites as well. These include your rehearsal dinner invitations and wedding menus. While you do not necessarily need to match everything, Bliss & Bone’s curated collections can help take a lot of confusion and time out of the design process. These are sets with templates for Save the Dates, invites, menus and more. Our designers have already compiled them for you too, so all you need to do is make the customizations you want for your paperless wedding invite, Save the Date and more.

To customize your paperless invitations for a wedding, you should also consider ordering one of Bliss & Bone’s custom logos or monograms. These are unique designs created just for you and your partner, and you can use them on everything from your paperless wedding invite to the aisle runner at your ceremony to cocktail napkins handed out with drinks at your reception. 

Steps in Creating Your Paperless Wedding Invitation

At Bliss & Bone, we simplify the process of creating paperless wedding invitations you will be proud to send. We offer a number of paperless wedding invite examples that can serve as starting points for your own unique twist on these items of wedding stationery. The following steps are usually required to create your own paperless wedding invite at Bliss & Bone:

  1. Choosing a company for your paperless wedding invitation
  2. Entering date, time, location and other important logistical information about your wedding
  3. Choosing the design elements that you want for your wedding invite
  4. Tweaking the design until it meets your requirements and suits your tastes
  5. Collecting email addresses from your expected guests
  6. Uploading email addresses to your paperless wedding company
  7. Paying for your paperless wedding invites
  8. Sending out your wedding invitations
  9. Tracking responses and making sure your invited guests received their invitations
  10. Updating your wedding website with added information as appropriate

It is that simple to design and send your paperless wedding invitations through Bliss & Bone. We work with you at all stages of the process to help you navigate the interface and to make sure your wedding invitation is as beautiful and memorable as you want it to be.

Getting Started On Your Dream Paperless Wedding Invite with the Experts at Bliss & Bone

By now, you are well-equipped to design any paperless invitations for a wedding. With our curated collections and expert planning advice, we hope you and your partner feel even more confident about creating your own paperless wedding invites and handling all wedding-related tasks as a whole. It is important to us that couples know that our team is here to help answer any questions about a paperless wedding invite design and much more. 

If you are looking for the perfect paperless wedding invite for your upcoming ceremony and reception, Bliss & Bone can provide the right solutions for you. We make it easy to create wedding invitations that will be remembered and to design a website you and your guests will love. To learn more about the options we offer, visit Bliss & Bone online or email us at We look forward to the chance to help you make your wedding truly special for you, your partner and your invited guests.

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