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Custom Wedding Invitation

Give the formal heads up about your upcoming celebration with a custom wedding invitation. There are unique online and printed options you and your partner will love, and most fit into popular wedding themes. In addition to custom wedding invitation styles, there are also coordinating Save the Dates, wedding websites and more.

custom wedding invitation
Shira Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Shira Wedding Invitation
Quinn Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Quinn Wedding Invitation
Mackenzie Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Mackenzie Wedding Invitation
Lulu Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Lulu Wedding Invitation
Lilith Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Lilith Wedding Invitation
Liam Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Liam Wedding Invitation
Lexi Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Lexi Wedding Invitation
Laine Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Laine Wedding Invitation
Kinsley Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Kinsley Wedding Invitation
Hunter Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Hunter Wedding Invitation
Hendrix Wedding Invitation
Custom Wedding Invitation
Hendrix Wedding Invitation
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Custom Wedding Invitation
Hayes Wedding Invitation
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Custom Wedding Invitation
Ellie Wedding Invitation
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Custom Wedding Invitation
Delia Wedding Invitation
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Custom Wedding Invitation
Chasse Wedding Invitation
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Custom Save the Dates

Finding and Creating Your Own Custom Wedding Invitation with the Experts at Bliss & Bone

It’s time to celebrate: You’re engaged! If you are planning your wedding right now, it is more than understandable that things can feel pretty overwhelming. From deciding on what you will wear, to what you and your guests will eat and everything in between, there is a lot going on before and during one of the biggest days of your life. One of the key items you need to accomplish? Letting your guests know about this momentous occasion. The main way to do that is by creating a custom wedding invitation that reflects you, your partner and your dream aesthetic. 

At Bliss & Bone, we offer near-countless stationery solutions for your upcoming celebration. In this guide, we will tackle everything you need to do for all invitation-related matters in the leadup to your special day. Our expert designers have crafted some of the most gorgeous custom wedding templates available, and we look forward to helping you decide on the best options for you. Read on for all of our must-know details about custom wedding invitations, your event planning timeline and more.

What Do You Need to Add Into Your Custom Wedding Invitation?

To get you started, let’s go over exactly what details should go into your custom wedding invitation. While your Save the Dates will provide more basic pieces of information like the “when” and “where,” elegant wedding invitations dive a bit deeper. You can look at the Save the Date as your appetizer and the invitation as your main course. 

For a more clear picture of what goes into your custom wedding invitations, here is a list of the details you need to include for your guests. These are the necessary pieces of content to include:

  1. The host of the ceremony and reception: In the beginning of most custom wedding invitations, you want to make sure guests know who is inviting them. If you are going by the more traditional wedding etiquette, the bride’s family generally hosts. You certainly do not have to follow this rule, and it is becoming more and more common for both families to host—or for the couple to plan and host their own wedding. Later on, we will go over your wedding timeline and how the hosting and budgeting will fit in. Some examples here could be, “Mr. and Mrs. Jones invite you to the wedding of…” or “Together with their families…”

  2. The wedding couple’s names: After describing who is inviting them, you should make the names of the guests of honor as clear as possible on your custom wedding invitation. For a more formal and traditional setup, include each person’s first, middle and last name. Or, if the bride’s parents are hosting, you can simply include the bride’s first and middle name only. And if you are interested in modernizing your invitation wording, consider adding only the first names of the wedding couple. There are also custom wedding invitation options that simply feature your first initials only. Just make sure your guests will definitely know who you are, or add your full names in a smaller text box at the bottom of your custom wedding invitation.

  3. The date and time of the ceremony: You may have told your guests about the date when you sent over your Save the Dates, but providing the time gives your guests even more context for your custom wedding invitations. Most weddings are hosted in the early afternoon or evening, but some couples might choose to have an earlier ceremony and reception. Write the exact time when the ceremony will start, even if you are worried about guests not arriving on time. It may seem like a good idea to give your guests an earlier time, but you should trust that they will be ready and waiting for you to walk down the aisle. Other pro tips from the experts at The Emily Post Institute: The date, including the year, should be spelled out, and the day of the week and month are capitalized. Also, prioritize “half after” as opposed to “half past” or “6:30.”

  4. The location of the ceremony and reception: This is where you need to be specific about your ceremony and reception details in your custom wedding invitation. You should write the name of the venue, the city and the state. experts say that you can exclude the state if all of your guests are local, but the safest bet is to be as detailed as possible. And if you are having the reception at the same place as the ceremony, you can write, “Reception to follow” or “Dinner and dancing to follow.” But let’s say you want guests to travel to a nearby location for your reception. If that is the case, you should feature the second venue on the custom wedding invitation. Plus, it is important to provide additional details about transportation. You can do this in a separate part of your invitation suite or on your wedding website

  5. Clear RSVP information for your guests: Derived from the French phrase, “Répondez s'il vous plaît,” this is really a fancy way to ask your guests to tell you if they can attend your wedding by a certain time. You want to give yourself a considerable amount of time to finalize your guest list, so try and request that your guests respond about three weeks prior to your wedding day. In your custom wedding invitation, give your guests a specific deadline for extra efficiency.

These are the main components that go into the wording for your custom wedding invitations. With these details confirmed and written, your guests will have all of the information they need to plan for your wedding. You should prepare to have your custom wedding invitation completed and sent out approximately six to eight weeks prior to your wedding. This way, guests can make travel arrangements, handle any child or pet care needs and more. 

And once the details are hashed out, you can enjoy the fun that comes with our custom wedding invitation templates. Choose between our many designs to find the one that best fits you and your upcoming event aesthetic. Digital and print options are available and many have coordinating elements for the rest of your stationery.

Custom Wedding Invitation Samples Couples Love

So, what do these custom wedding invitations look like, exactly? To give you an idea of what you can expect from the custom wedding invitation templates at Bliss & Bone, we are sharing a selection curated by our skilled designers. From modern-minimalist to rustic boho, there are so many options to choose from—and of course, a variety of customizations.

As you review the following custom wedding invitation samples, consider your decor and design aspirations. Your desired color palette, attire and everything in between can really inform which invites you gravitate toward. 

  • Botanical boho custom wedding invite: Breezy, nature-inspired and full of color, these particular custom wedding invitations are all about whimsy and beauty. To give an even clearer picture, check out the Breanna template, which showcases this theme with leaves, boho colors and more. 

  • Vintage-inspired custom wedding invite: The gold and leaf accents in the Celeste custom wedding invitation templates draws from a different era. Whether you incorporate metallics for an art deco feel or opt for a deckle edge paper, there is virtually no limit to vintage, romantic accents for your custom wedding invites. 

  • Modern and muted custom wedding invite: One trend we don’t see slowing down any time soon? Modern-minimalism. It’s chic, effortless and works for events hosted in museums, industrial spaces and much more. If you and your partner find yourself gravitating toward black, white and gray color palettes, custom wedding invites like the Hendrix design are perfect for you. 

  • Tropical custom wedding invite: Get your guests on island time with on-theme tropical custom wedding invites that transport them to your wedding venue (virtually, of course!). The Raine wedding invites, for example, incorporates tropical leaves and two different shades of green to prepare guests for an adventure surrounded by nature. 

  • Secret garden custom wedding invite: Garden weddings are one of the most beautiful types of events couples can host. They focus on color, and of course, spring florals and greenery. One dreamy example of these custom wedding invites is the Samantha design. For an outdoor spring wedding, there is no better option than this gorgeous template.

  • Rustic and floral custom wedding invite: The Amelia custom wedding invites have elements that fit into two main categories: rustic vintage and floral. The deep orange tones and soft floral accents also give off a unique aesthetic. Plus, the Bliss & Bone online templates come with the opportunity to add special shadows for more depth and dimension. 

  • Moody and romantic custom wedding invite: There is something so alluring about a darker custom wedding invitation that features soft elements like florals. One example of that is the Audrey custom wedding invitation, which has a black and white color palette and a lovely floral background. 

  • Bright and colorful custom wedding invite: And for another option, bold and beautiful colors immediately translate to a fun, lively event. These custom wedding invitations go well with a spring or summer event, or any locale that is typically sunny and warm (think Hawaii or California). We love how the Cameron custom wedding invitation showcases a pink and orange color palette and a fun mix of serif and script fonts.

  • Traditional printed custom wedding invite: For couples who want the most traditional selections available, there are several custom wedding invitation printing options. These match almost any theme you can imagine, and the process is slightly more involved. You will work with one of our trusted designers directly to craft the most perfect custom wedding invitations. 

These are only a handful of the many custom wedding invites couples love to personalize at Bliss & Bone. Once you have narrowed down your overall aesthetic and vibe for your wedding, you can easily start planning out your invitation suite. 

Understanding Your Custom Wedding Invitation Suites Timeline

Get engaged, plan your wedding and celebration…sounds simple enough, right? As much fun as you will have at your wedding, there is a lot that goes into the process before you officially tie the knot. And before you can start on your custom wedding invitations, there are quite a few items on your to-do list. 

In this section, we will explain a general timeline as it relates to your wedding stationery. There are several other key tasks you will need to accomplish throughout, but we are only highlighting the pieces relevant to creating your paper and digital invites. 

Follow these steps as you map out your custom wedding invites:

  1. Get together with your partner and any other people who want to contribute to your wedding for a budgeting meeting. Discussing how much you plan to pay for every vendor is crucial. It is no secret that weddings are incredibly expensive, and you need to understand your budget for each and every item—including your custom wedding invite ideas. Be realistic and honest during this conversation, since it will inform all of the future decisions you make about your wedding.

  2. Consider hiring an expert. Wedding planners are experts in their field, and many have decades of experience in the industry. With their connections and eye for design, planners can assist you with, well, everything. There are so many decisions to make, and it is possible that you will not always have an idea. That’s where your wedding planner comes in. From start to finish, your planner can help you achieve the wedding of your wildest dreams.

  3. Determine your ultimate guest list. It feels out of order, but you should know who will receive your custom wedding invitation ASAP. Understanding at least a general number will help as you figure out your budget, ensure that venues can hold all of your loved ones and more. Sit down with your partner and think about who you really want to attend your wedding. At this time, you might also want to reach out to your loved ones and confirm their home or email addresses. Depending on your invite template of choice, you can send them out virtually or through the mail. This is the perfect time to check in and say, “hi”, and it allows you to collect much-needed details for your planning.

  4. Research your favorite venues and book “the one.” There are so many wedding venues out there. A ski resort for a snow-capped mountain wedding, a bucolic farm for a fall celebration, a romantic garden for a spring fete…the list goes on. You and your partner should discuss where you want to get married first. Do you love the idea of getting married where you met? Where one or both of you grew up? On a faraway island that can double as your honeymoon destination? Once you have determined the general area, start looking at possible venues. In a perfect world, you, your partner and planner should visit these spots before booking. When you have found “the one” and confirmed your date, submit your deposit. 

  5. Customize your wedding website. Choose one of the many gorgeous wedding website templates at Bliss & Bone and start personalizing it. You can get as creative and detailed as possible, but this will ultimately serve as your information hub for all events leading up to and on your wedding day. Guests can visit to read about your story, learn more about things to do near your wedding venue and even RSVP. 

  6. Design your Save the Dates. This is where your stationery journey truly begins. You can find a variety of templates that match or coordinate with your wedding website. This way, you can have a cohesive collection that you ultimately match with your custom wedding invitation design. And since you have your venue and date confirmed, you are ready to send these out. Design it any way you would like, make sure to clearly state where and when your wedding is happening and then send.

If you have reached this part of your planning journey, you should consider creating those custom wedding invites. Choose a custom wedding invitation option from the Bliss & Bone collection you love most, or start from scratch and make something completely unique. By following this series of steps, you can feel confident, excited and well-prepared for the best day possible. 

Unique Custom Wedding Invitation Ideas for Couples

Of all the custom wedding invitation ideas out there, what will make yours stand out? You need to do what works best for you and your partner, but there are plenty of innovative, fun ways to share your happy news with your loved ones. 

Here are a few of our absolute favorite things to do with our custom wedding invitation suites. 

  • Add a special photo to your custom wedding invitation. Is there an image from your engagement shoot, or perhaps a sweet image of the pup you share together? Or maybe there is a shot from your wedding venue that perfectly sets the mood. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and adding one to your custom wedding invitation is a perfect nod to that notion.

  • Experiment with background images. Even if you find custom wedding invitation templates that you love, you can further customize it by altering the background. From swapping in a gleaming gold background to trying out a floral scenery, almost anything is possible with the background.

  • Incorporate three-dimensional objects and shadows. Online custom wedding invitations can have so much movement with the addition of objects and shadows. You can add in greenery, flowers, rocks and more within our library of three-dimensional objects. Plus, there are unique shadows you can cast over your online invites. These bring a special element that you won’t see in other custom wedding invitations. 

  • Customize a logo or monogram. Work with one of our custom wedding invitation designers to craft a one-of-a-kind logo you can use for your stationery. Later on in this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about these. Put them on your Save the Dates, invites and even your wedding napkins—these are a special, original way to celebrate in style.

  • Start from scratch. The sky's the limit with Bliss & Bone’s Start From Scratch feature. Head over to our builder and imagine the best possible custom wedding invitation. You get a blank canvas to add images, a background, text blocks and more. This is all up to you, and you are encouraged to use your imagination.

Your custom wedding invitation ideas don’t stop here. You can always alter the fonts, test out different sizing and see how a different color palette might look with any design. The number of options might feel overwhelming at times, but making thoughtful edits to our existing templates is a great way to manage your project.

For couples who choose to create their custom wedding invitation at Bliss & Bone, they often do so because no two invites are the same. The endless opportunities give you the confidence that no one will create a custom wedding invitation that is just like yours. Every decision you make will further emphasize the originality of your custom wedding invitation.

Deciding Between Digital and Printed Wedding Invitations

Decisions, decisions. You have near-countless choices to make from start to finish during the wedding planning process. One major choice you will make is whether you will do custom wedding invitation printing or send out a virtual notice. At this point, it is common to do either. The traditional route is always sending a printed invitation, but many modern couples are going digital. 

These are the reasons we love both digital and custom wedding invitation printing. Bliss & Bone offers both options, and you truly can’t go wrong with either. Consider your general preferences, how tech savvy you and your guests are and understand the pros of both types. Our talented designers have created all of these templates in the hopes that they will fit your overall aesthetic. 

The Benefits of Digital Custom Wedding Invitation Suites

  1. You save paper. For a custom wedding invitation that is good for the environment, our digital templates are made for eco-friendly couples. You can feel great about your custom wedding invitation purchase and provide guests with an easy-to-read email with all of your details.

  2. They are less expensive. Since you have foregone mailing out a custom wedding invitation, all you need to pay for is the template itself. Find the one you like most, input your guests details and pay for every card sent out. While a custom printed wedding invitation will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, digital options are typically under $100 for 100 invitations.

  3. Managing RSVPs is easy. When your guests open up an email showing off your custom wedding invitation, they will get access to the online RSVP feature. There, they can submit their “yes” or “no” and provide any additional details you ask for, like dietary restrictions or plus-one information. You can easily manage this in your Bliss & Bone account and start finalizing your guest count.

The Benefits of Custom Wedding Invitation Printing

  1. They are traditional. If you are interested in following classic traditions and etiquette rules, crafting custom printed wedding invitations is an ideal choice. 

  2. You can have a keepsake to hold onto. There is something incredibly special about holding a custom printed wedding invitation. And with this option, you can save it for years to come—and so can your guests. 

  3. Our designers are here to help. You will work directly with one of our Bliss & Bone custom wedding invitation designers, who can provide you with two rounds of revisions of your invites. This gives you agency and support as you consider the best factors to involve in your invites, and that is why custom wedding invitation printing is so popular.

Your custom wedding invitation should be just that: custom. Depending on how you design it—as a digital or custom printed wedding invitation—it will be super special for all of your guests to receive. As you evaluate your budget, consider general preferences and make those final decisions, keep all of these considerations in mind.

The Cost of Your Custom Wedding Invitation 

Wedding stationery typically makes up about 10 percent of your overall budget, according to And since couples pay about $590 on average on their custom wedding invitation suites, it is understandable to look for ways to cut costs. For one, you can decide to create digital invitations. While custom printed wedding invitations will hike up prices into the hundreds (if not, thousands), digital versions are usually about $1 per invite.

At Bliss & Bone, our prices for your custom wedding invitation are clearly explained on our site. For a digital custom wedding invite, you will be asked to pay $1.20 each for one to nine recipients or $0.90 each for 10 or more. And if you have a bulk order and need more than 500, we ask that you contact us to complete your project. And if you are curious about custom wedding invitation printing, pricing starts at $257.50 for 25 A7 (5 x 7-inch), one-ply cards. For two-ply, gold foil, embossment and more premium features, the cost will go up. 

How to Build a Custom Wedding Invitation

Now that we have gone over some ideas and costs, let’s break down exactly how to build your custom wedding invitation. Bliss & Bone’s builder is super helpful, and you can easily manage and test out ideas on your digital or printed custom wedding invitation templates. 

This is a step-by-step explanation of how you build your custom wedding invites:

Building a Digital Custom Wedding Invitation

Our digital templates keep everything online, and this is becoming more popular among wedding couples. Here is exactly how to make your own:

  1. Look through the custom wedding invitation designs. Browse our curated selection of designs and click on the one you love most. Make sure it fits your theme and goes with a look that both you and your partner are happy with.

  2. Click “Customize.” This will direct you to the online custom wedding invitation builder. You first have the opportunity to swap out the background designs, make edits to the overall appearance (saturation, color, brightness, transparency and blur levels) and alter the texture. 

  3. Edit the text appearance of your custom wedding invitation. In the “A” tab within the custom wedding invite builder, you can increase or decrease the size, space out the letters, adjust colors, add a text box or switch up the font. To make things even easier, you can see how all of these changes will affect the custom wedding invite by looking at the preview to the right of your screen.

  4. Test out a border or drop shadow. Go to the paintbrush icon in our custom wedding invitation builder and you can explore more special features. One of our favorites in our custom wedding invite builder is the opportunity to bring more dimension. One of the ways you can do that is by creating a border with a color of your choice, or adding a drop shadow to make it look like your invite is resting on a flat surface. In the “Shadow Overlays” section you can also try out the different shadow effects that appear as a feature hovering over your custom wedding invite. 

  5. Consider objects, illustrations and graphics. If you click on the icon showing a series of shapes, you can imagine what your custom wedding invitation will look like with three-dimensional objects (think flowers, branches, rocks, butterflies and more), illustrations and other graphics. These are a method many couples use to really set their custom wedding invitations apart from the rest.

  6. Upload a custom logo or monogram. You can do this by clicking on the “&” tab in the builder. Our custom wedding invitation designers can work with you to create a unique logo to use for your stationery and other parts of your wedding. When you are happy with your design, click “Next.”

  7. Review your email. When you send out your digital custom wedding invitation, guests will receive an email that perfectly coordinates with your invite. This email will cover all of the details you would see in a typical invitation: the start and end times, date, venue and any other pertinent information. In fact, you can even include a personal message. If you are ready for the next step, click “Next.”

  8. Confirm the customizations required for your Event Page. In this section, you need to confirm that you want to collect RSVPs for your custom wedding invitation digitally. You can even customize exactly how you want guests to respond. For example, they can say “Yes” or “No,” or “Will Attend” or “Will Not Attend.” You can also opt in to collect guests’ addresses, which could be helpful when you send out thank you notes. Other features like an interactive map, extra links, comment wall and more are available as well. When all is said and done, click “Next” to move on.

  9. Enter your guests’ names and email addresses. Just like with custom wedding invitation printing, you only need to send one invitation per household. Make sure you have the most reliable email address for every party, double check all of your information and then prepare to send your invitation.

  10. Submit your payment information and send. At this point, you have made it to the best part of the custom wedding invitation process: It’s time to send them to your family and friends! Once you have added your payment information, click “Send” and prepare for the RSVPs to start rolling in. You can manage all of these in your account, making it easier than ever to keep track of the yays and nays. 

Building a Custom Printed Wedding Invitation

Curious about how the printed version works? These are the steps to follow to complete the process:

  1. Review our selection of custom wedding invitation printing styles. Explore the different ideas possible and then click on your absolute favorite.

  2. Click “Customize + Price.” This will take you to our custom wedding invitation printing builder, where you will see real-time pricing as you go. 

  3. Make decisions about your card. This is all about the quality and look of the custom wedding invite card itself. You can adjust the quantity, orientation and size, color, ply count and background (which is completely optional). 

  4. Change up the text color. In the “Aa” tab, you can see how your text will look with a different color or premium option. Flat print is the standard setup, but you can also go for a more luxury style like letterpress or foil. These will hike up your prices, but they add even more magic to your custom wedding invitation.

  5. Customize your envelopes. Next up, you can choose how many and the color of your envelopes. Plus, you can decide whether you want envelope custom wedding invitation printing and a liner as well. 

  6. Verify pricing. The “$” tab shows a clear breakdown of your purchase and how much the final total will be. This helps couples navigate the building process from a financial perspective. If everything looks good, click “Next.”

  7. Input all of your text for your custom wedding invitation. In the “Card Text” bank, make sure to type all of the wording we discussed earlier in this guide. That includes the hosts’ names, the couple’s names, the date, venue and so on. You can also add your return address that will go on the back of the envelope with your custom wedding invitation, and you can select whether you want an insert card, reply card or reply envelope. These are especially helpful if you have other events in your wedding weekend or want guests to RSVP through the mail, respectively. On this page, you also need to download our required guest address template, fill it out and upload your edited version. 

  8. Review your order and submit your payment details. From there, our talented custom wedding invitation designers will get to work. 

  9. Verify your proof. Within three business days, you will receive a digital .pdf proof of your custom wedding invitation. You can get two rounds of revisions with your purchase, so you and one of our custom wedding invitation designers can work to make the best possible option for you and your partner. 

  10. Receive your invites. Once you have approved of the final product, your custom wedding invitation design will be sent into production and shipped 12 to 15 business days later. If you need rush services, those are available for an additional charge. 

Your invitation is a significant piece of your special day, and our talented custom wedding invitation designers are eager to get started on your project. Our builders make the process super seamless, so all you need to worry about is designing it just how you want it. 

What to Do After You Receive RSVPs From Your Custom Wedding Invitation

After you have designed and built the best possible custom wedding invitation for your celebration, the planning process is still going on. In most cases, you will receive your RSVPs about three weeks prior to heading down that aisle. The last month is crunch time; you will be receiving calls from most vendors to confirm the details, solidify your wedding day timeline and much more. Part of that is confirming exactly how many guests are planning your wedding. 

With a final guest list confirmed, you need to think about your seating chart. Who should sit next to each other? Who do you want to sit with? And it all kicks off with you, your partner and how you will be seated. If you want to sit next to each other and have some private time during this incredibly fun, sometimes chaotic day, we highly recommend a sweetheart table. You can enjoy the reception dinner and chat with each other, soaking it all in. Plus, you do not have to make the difficult decision about which friends or family will sit at your table. But if you want to be surrounded by your wedding party or immediate families, that is a great route as well.

When you are comfortable with your seating chart, send it out to your planner, caterer and venue. They will need this information to set up the tables and table settings, and your caterers will need to know exactly how many plates they need to prepare that evening. You may also want to confirm that your florist can prepare enough arrangements to go on every table. 

There are so many unique ways to give your guests their table number. You can name them based on countries you and your partner have visited together, or anything else that feels authentic and on-brand for you and your spouse-to-be. Most seating chart displays are a board with table numbers and names underneath every one, and it is set up somewhere at the cocktail party prior to the reception. Guests can meander over with their cocktails and appetizers, see their assignment and be prepared for the next phase of the celebration.

For alternative ways to display your seating chart, it is important to understand that so much is possible. We have seen name cards and table assignments displayed on a map with travel tags, in a crossword puzzle, on top of an ice cream cone and much more. You can explore these ultra-creative choices by looking on Pinterest, Instagram and anywhere else you find design inspiration. 

Popular Themes to Inspire Your Custom Wedding Invitations

Still not quite sure what theme will work for your custom wedding invitation, decor and beyond? Sticking with one theme not only brings cohesion, but it also makes every wedding-related decision easier. For instance, you probably will not host a tropical-themed event in an industrial building and send out a modern custom wedding invitation to go with it. Your theme will inform many of your major (and even minor) decisions, so think critically about your personal taste, style and the venue type you have selected.

To get the ball rolling, these are a few of the most popular wedding themes today: 

  • Modern wedding theme: We are in the 21st century, so it makes perfect sense for couples to plan a wedding fit for the modern age. The modern-minimalism aesthetic has been an ongoing trend recently, and we see it continuing for years to come. Elements of this type of wedding often come with a more muted color palette and really focuses on subtle details. When it comes to your wedding invitation, stick with a template that has minimal text and design features. Another interpretation could also include hosting your wedding at a modern art museum. With this in mind, you can coordinate your design elements with existing pieces in the space. Either way, this theme is all about focusing on one thing: less is more!

  • Boho wedding theme: Flowers, flowing dresses, rustic tones…need we say more? This effortlessly chic and whimsical styling is a continuously popular option for wedding couples. You can host boho weddings in the desert, woods, beach—anywhere outdoors that really speaks to you and your partner. In most cases, the best custom wedding invitation will come with flowers, greenery and other all-natural features. Plus, items like wooden altars, pampas grass in floral arrangements and more all fit this theme perfectly.

  • Industrial wedding theme: It is a mix of modern and vintage, making it a lovable theme for so many wedding couples. Industrial weddings are often hosted in lofts, warehouses and other spots with exposed brick, beams and more. Plus, you can go for a custom wedding invitation that reflects your venue and decor by going with a modern design and color palette that fits where you are getting married. Bonus tip: Brooklyn, New York is a major hub for industrial wedding venues. 

  • Country wedding theme: Yeehaw! Whether you and your partner live in the country or have gotten inspired from watching Yellowstone on repeat, the country wedding theme is a beautiful option. Saying “I do” in a natural, bucolic setting is incredibly romantic, and some decor could incorporate burlap, wood and lots of greenery. For your custom wedding invitation with a country twist, we recommend a rustic elegant style.

  • Classic wedding theme: While these have set the standard for most weddings, classic is anything but standard. Often held in glamorous ballrooms or more traditional event spaces, you will truly feel special celebrating a classic wedding. A classic custom wedding invitation may also come with gorgeous flowers and other quintessential elements. 

  • Vintage or retro wedding theme: Often used interchangeably, vintage or retro is all about transporting your guests to a different time. The exact definition of retro is, “relating to, reviving, or benign the styles and especially fashions of the past.” But when we really think about retro, our minds go to the 1960s. One venue idea that could fit this retro theme is the TWA Hotel in Queens, New York. The historical destination features vintage furniture and even archived images from the 1960s. Your custom wedding invitation could match the red and white logo and furniture, and you can be thoughtful about finding a vintage-inspired serif font as well.

  • Art deco wedding theme: For a different vintage aesthetic, try out Art Deco. Also known as style moderne, this artistic and architectural style thrived in the 1920s and 30s and came from France. The Great Gatsby-style parties and design elements, especially metallics, are ideal for this type of wedding. Champagne tower at the reception, anyone?

  • Nautical wedding theme: Interested in hitting the high seas for your big day? A nautical-inspired wedding could include classic symbols like anchors or sailboats—or you can commit to the popular navy and white wedding theme. After all, imagine how great your wedding party would look in blue suits and gowns. Similarly, you can make your custom wedding invitation fit the scene with blues and other relevant iconography. Whether you are getting married on a boat or somewhere near the water, this is yet another creative way to celebrate your love.

From your venue to decor, your theme should be all about you. Do your research and assess which styles best fit you and your partner. Your planner can also weigh in on which one will work best for you, and help you determine how to create a custom wedding invitation to match it.

Matching Your Custom Wedding Invitation to the Rest of Your Stationery

We have done a deep dive into custom wedding invitation creation, but that is just one part of your stationery suite. As you go along with your wedding timeline, there are certain stationery items and digital components that you will need to finalize. Guests will need a few things before and during your wedding, and you can achieve a lot of this through the stationery customization process at Bliss & Bone.

Here are the other components you want to keep in mind to completely round out your custom wedding invitation suites. 

  • Wedding website: Almost all custom wedding invitation suites should include a website, which will serve as your information center for all things related to your special day. Include a frequently asked questions page that serves as an explainer for those who might be confused about anything from your custom wedding invitation, recommend things to do in the city and even share sweet photos of you and your partner. Our RSVP wedding websites also make it easy for guests to submit their responses.

  • Save the Dates: A quick heads up for your guests, you can go for the tech-savvy online option or the more traditional printed Save the Date. Either way, this serves as a primer for your upcoming custom wedding invitations.

  • Custom wedding invitations: Of course, your custom wedding invitation plays a major role. It serves as the formal notice about your wedding and encourages guests to RSVP however you would like—online or through the mail.

  • Rehearsal dinner invitations: Traditionally speaking, the groom’s family hosts and plans out the rehearsal dinner. But no matter who is hosting, you can connect your rehearsal dinner custom wedding invites with the rest of your stationery. These custom wedding invitations are typically sent out about four weeks before your rehearsal dinner.

  • Wedding menu: Yes, even your wedding menu can match your custom wedding invitation. Bliss & Bone’s wedding menu designs are elegant and fit practically any theme you can imagine. Guests will absolutely love how cohesive your digital and paper products are, and they will easily connect it all when they sit down at the table. Don’t be surprised if you hear something like, “Hey, these look just like your custom wedding invitation!”

With these opportunities to connect your custom wedding invitation to the remainder of your stationery suite, you have the freedom and luxury to design everything in a consistent, beautiful way. Our custom wedding invitation suites are designed with you and your partner in mind, to give you a set that is both beautiful and efficient.

How a Designer Logo Can Transform Your Custom Wedding Invitations and Decor

Looking for yet another way to make a completely custom wedding invitation? Bliss & Bone can connect you with custom wedding invitation designers who can work with you to craft a personalized monogram or logo. These can show your and your partner’s initials, first names, first names and new shared last name, wedding date, wedding location and even a graphic design. 

Here how it works to create a logo or monogram for your custom wedding invitation: 

  1. Review our wedding logo options. Find your favorite one among the many selections available and click on it. This will give you a larger preview of the design, so you can feel more confident about your decision and see pricing details.

  2. Select your purchase type. You have three ordering options: to be used on our site (say, for your wedding website or custom wedding invitations), elsewhere or both. If you go for both, you can incorporate your monogram on everything from your custom wedding invitation to cocktail napkins.

  3. Add it to your cart. From there, one of our custom wedding invitation designers will personalize it within two business days. 

  4. Check out your work of art. After it is uploaded to your account, head to the “My Logos” section and make sure you love it. 

  5. Start your custom wedding invitation and more. If purchased for “Elsewhere,” you will receive your files via email. This is a print-ready file that can go beyond the digital world. Use it on anything from napkins to a neon sign. And if you purchased it for our site, you can easily attach your logo to your custom wedding invitation, wedding menus and more. 

In terms of pricing, a logo or monogram used with Bliss & Bone products starts at $40. To use it elsewhere and receive a file via email, that will cost $80, and it is $120 for both applications. You receive one revision with your purchase, and all additional revisions will run you $40 each.

As you consider all the things that go into your custom wedding invitation, this is an excellent option to truly make it as special as possible. Your logo can match the same aesthetic and there are plenty of options to choose from for all types of custom wedding invitation suites.

Getting Started on Your Custom Wedding Invitations at Bliss & Bone

Now that you are an expert in all things related to your custom wedding invitation, the fun can really begin. Work with your partner, planner and any other “stakeholders” to find the best ones for you. At Bliss & Bone, we are confident you will find the ultimate custom wedding invitation—and know that we have your back throughout it all. To learn more about our custom wedding invitation offerings, contact us online or email us at We look forward to assisting you as you plan out the most perfect stationery suite imaginable.