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Purple Wedding Invitations

Purple is the color of royalty, so why not incorporate it into your magical wedding celebration? Online purple wedding invitations at Bliss & Bone feature a variety of cool tones you'll love, and this addition can serve as the perfect tie-in to match your flowers or other design elements. Think about the best possible option to coordinate with your event, and then have fun customizing it with dimensional features like shadows and other textures. Plus, there are save the dates, wedding websites and more to round out your invitation suite.

purple wedding invitations
Hazel Wedding Invitation
Purple Wedding Invitations
Hazel Wedding Invitation
Luna Wedding Invitation
Purple Wedding Invitations
Luna Wedding Invitation
Lauren Wedding Invitation
Purple Wedding Invitations
Lauren Wedding Invitation
Genevieve Wedding Invitation
Purple Wedding Invitations
Genevieve Wedding Invitation
Serena Wedding Invitation
Purple Wedding Invitations
Serena Wedding Invitation
Audrey Wedding Invitation
Purple Wedding Invitations
Audrey Wedding Invitation

Creating Your Own Custom Purple Wedding Invitations with the Experts at Bliss & Bone

Dating back to ancient times, purple was (and is) considered the color of royalty. The beautiful combination that comes together when you mix blue and red is almost magical, and it makes sense that so many couples love the idea of incorporating the hue in their wedding color palette. One idea to bring this into your wedding aesthetic is by sending out purple wedding invitations. 

In this guide, we will cover examples of purple wedding invitations templates, logistical information about your timeline and budget and much more. There is a lot going on in the leadup to your epic celebration, and we are here to take the guesswork out of your wedding stationery. From purple wedding invitations to unique wedding websites, Bliss & Bone has it all for you and your partner. 

What Are Purple Wedding Invitations?

Purple wedding invitations are, of course, any online or printed stationery that includes a shade of the brilliant hue. From lavender to dark purple wedding invitations, there are so many iterations within this particular category. Depending on the season when you are getting married, you will want to go lighter or darker on the shade you choose.

As with most wedding invites, you want to make sure yours have all of the necessary information. At a minimum, this includes the following: the name of the host (or hosts), the names of the wedding couple, the date and time of the event, the location of the venue (or venues) and the requested attire. In some way, you will also need to share specific details about RSVPing to your event. Online or through the mail, you want to communicate everything as clearly as possible to all of your beloved guests. 

When Should You Send Out Your Purple Wedding Invitations?

Wedding couples should plan to send out their purple wedding invitations six to eight weeks before the big day. This should give you enough time to collect RSVPs from your guests and prepare all of the seating arrangements. You can try to keep track of everything during that final month before your wedding, but at this point, you will be confirming and finalizing all aspects of your celebration.

If you are interested in learning more about what to do before you send out purple wedding invitations, follow these crucial timeline elements. This does not cover everything you need to do for your wedding, but it is relevant to your purple wedding invites.  

  1. Figure out how much you (and others) can spend on your wedding-related must-haves. Talk with your partner and any other “stakeholders,” or friends or family members who have offered to help cover costs. Everything from the venue to reception table decor needs to be accounted for, so go through everything and see how much you plan to spend on every piece of this puzzle. 

  2. Talk with a potential planner. If you are feeling overwhelmed early on in the planning process, it might be a good idea to turn to a trusted professional. Wedding planners span the globe, and they are experienced in tackling all things related to weddings and other events. They are there to keep your timeline on track, and they can also weigh in on design decisions as well. 

  3. Estimate how many guests will attend your wedding. Before you can start touring dreamy venues, you want to know about how many people will be there for your celebration. Experts say that you should expect 70 to 85 percent of your invited guests to reply “yes.” With that in mind, who do you and your partner need to be there? Think about all of the important people in your life, and then write down a full list of those loved ones you will send those purple wedding invitations to very soon.

  4. Tour venues and book the best option for you. To kick things off, answer this important question: Where, exactly, do you want to get married? You could opt for you or your partner’s hometown, your current city or  a destination locale you love. Once that is figured out, you can do your research and ultimately plan to visit your top spots. This is more difficult for those planning destination weddings, but it is a crucial step to determine the feel and experience of a venue. You also want to confirm that the venue can accommodate your guest list, budget and desired date. When you decide on the best one, submit your deposit as soon as possible.

  5. Design your wedding website and Save the Dates. Your website and Save the Dates go hand in hand because you can easily connect them. Guests will receive your Save the Date, and you can include information about the URL that will take them to your virtual information hub. You can also find items that match your favorite purple wedding invitation templates, so your stationery set can be incredibly cohesive. Save the Dates are sent out about six to eight months before your wedding day, and even earlier if you are planning a destination wedding.

By this point in your wedding timeline, you can start getting excited about building personalized purple wedding invitations. Remember that if you are hosting your reception at a different venue than your ceremony, you need to clarify that on your invites. This is the place where context is added to all of the details shared in your Save the Date. And if you think guests need more clarity, consider adding more insights on your wedding website.

Examples of Purple Wedding Invitations Templates

There are quite a few interpretations of purple wedding invitations. Lighter hues like lavender and lilac are more appropriate for spring or summer, and dark purple wedding invitations are more commonly seen for fall or winter celebrations. 

To give you an idea of what you can expect at Bliss & Bone, here are our top choices for purple wedding invites:

  • Fruit-forward purple wedding invitations templates: There are beautiful purple fruits that are incorporated into the most unique wedding invitations. The Audrey design is one of these purple wedding invitation templates that have a deeper, moodier feel. The invitation gets its purple hue from the figs displayed on the design. 

  • Light purple wedding invitations templates: For a more spring- or summer-forward option, try a lighter shade of purple. For instance, the Luna purple wedding invites are bright and bold and fun. The ultra-light lavender is shown on both the digital paper and background of this one-of-a-kind style.

  • Moody purple wedding invitations templates: Another romantic and dark design is available with the Genevieve purple wedding invitation templates. This one features a floral pattern and has a special three-dimensional accent: lavender. This plant is a subtle-yet-gorgeous way to make your dark purple wedding invitations stand out.

  • Purple wedding invitations with specific accents: You do not necessarily need to find a premade template that works for you. By using the Start From Scratch feature, you can easily customize your purple wedding invites to the fullest. You can find plenty of purple flowers, plants and more to personalize any invitation. 

These are a handful of the many purple wedding invitations you can personalize. Plus, you can also use existing templates at Bliss & Bone and add in purple backgrounds, three-dimensional objects and more. Think about your other decor and design ideas as you review the best possible purple wedding invites for you.

How Much Do Purple Wedding Invitations Cost?

To better understand how pricing will work for your purple wedding invitations, think about the averages. For printed wedding invitations, digital printing typically costs between $700 and $1,200 for 100. And if you want more premium features like letterpress or gold foil, prices only go up from there. If you are looking for a more cost-effective, eco-friendly option, though, try online wedding invitations. Because they are digital-only and sent through email, they usually cost about $1 per invitation.  

For more information about Bliss & Bone’s pricing, in comparison, printed purple wedding invites will start at $257.50 for 25 A7 (5 x 7-inch), one-ply cards. Meanwhile, letterpress invitations start at $527.50 and metallic foil invites start at $655. And our digital purple wedding invitations are $1.20 for one to nine recipients, or $0.90 for 10 or more. Take note of these pricing differences during your budgeting conversations at the beginning of your planning process.

Building Your Purple Wedding Invites

After reviewing the examples and costs of every type of purple wedding invitations, you are well on your way to building your own stationery set. You will likely want to choose a template from a collection, so it matches your wedding website and Save the Dates. Our luxury design collections are available to give you and your partner a beautiful set that looks like it was specifically made for you and your partner.

Here are the steps you need to follow to build your online purple wedding invitations:

  1. Click on your favorite template. After reviewing your options, choose the purple wedding invitations that you and your partner are both gravitating toward. Once you open up the specific page, click “Customize,” which will take you to the online builder.

  2. Make changes to the background. There are two backgrounds to alter in the process: the background of the digital card, and the background of the card and any other objects featured on the page. See which ones appeal to you and your partner the most, and then head over to the “A” tab.

  3. Switch up the fonts and spacing. This is the step where you play with the text that will appear on your guests’ screens. You can increase or decrease the text size, the spacing between the text, the font color and more. There is also a complete library of fonts, to give you even more freedom to completely personalize  your purple wedding invites. Plus, you can add a text box to bring even more content to the page. From there, click on the paintbrush icon.

  4. Add a border or shadow overlay. Many templates come with a shadow that appears to loom over the screen. You can make those changes in the “Shadow Overlays” tab, or you can even add a border or drop shadow in the initial section. If you are ready to move on, click on the icon with a series of shapes.

  5. Choose objects, illustrations and graphics. Your chosen template might already have these items, but you can adjust their sizing, or add or remove them. From real-looking flowers to an illustration of antlers, there are so many options to choose from so that your purple wedding invitations can perfectly fit your theme. Happy with everything? Go to the next step by clicking on the “&” tab.

  6. Upload a logo or monogram. At Bliss & Bone, you can work with a designer who can customize your own logo or monogram. These special features can be used on everything from your purple wedding invitations to the cocktails napkins passed around to guests at the reception. If you are ready to send out your invites, click “Next” in the lower right hand corner.

  7. Edit your email that guests will receive. This is the spot where you can see a preview of the email your guests will receive. Fill in all of the relevant information you want your guests to know, and then click “Next.”

  8. Fill out your preferences for the Event Page. How do you want guests to interact with your wedding invites? You can opt in for virtual RSVPs (a super popular option), add in an interactive map and so much more in this section. If everything is looking good, click “Next.”

  9. Share your guests’ information. In the “Recipients” tab, you need to fill out the names and email addresses for your invited guests. Even though you will send these through email, the same etiquette rules apply: You only need to send one invitation per household. When the correct information is filled in for everyone, click “Next” and prepare to send them out.

  10. Submit your payment information and send. This is the final step of the process. All you need to do is add in your payment details, and then send off your purple wedding invites. In an instant, your guests will receive your special invitation.

After following all of these steps, head over to your account page. There, you can start seeing the responses rolling in from your favorite people.

What to Do After Receiving the RSVPs from Your Purple Wedding Invites 

As you see the RSVPs roll in, remember that you also need to get organized. After reviewing RSVPs in your account, it is possible that there are some guests who have missed their deadline. Since you want to give your guests about about a month or so to respond, that leaves you with only a few weeks to receive those invites and finalize your guest list. If there are guests who have not yet responded, you should do some outreach. Call or email your guests and let them know that you would like to figure out if they are in the “yes” or “no” category. This can also be a great time to catch up with a loved one, as opposed to viewing it as a chore or frustrating task. 

Once you have collected all of the RSVPs for your purple wedding invites and finalized your guest count, these are the steps you should take next:

  1. Share the number with relevant vendors. Your vendors probably know how many people received your purple wedding invites, but they need the official number to fully prepare for your festivities. Namely, your planner, venue coordinator and catering team should be aware of your final numbers. Your planner will need it to coordinate everything, the venue staff will likely need it to set up all of the chairs for the ceremony and reception, and of course, your catering team will need it to make the right number of passed hors d'oeuvres and plates.
  2. Think about where you want to sit. Next up, you and your partner should talk about how you envision the reception setup. Would you like to sit at a big table with your wedding party, or have some alone time with a sweetheart table. There are plenty of pros to both options, but you will need to decide on this before moving on to the next step. 
  3. Assign guests to tables (and perhaps seats). After you know where you are sitting, you will need to perform the sometimes taxing task of figuring out where each of your guests will sit. There are two main choices here: you can assign a table or individual seat to each guest. The former will require less time, since you will just need to group your guests and then they can decide on their individual seats. Choosing a seat for each person, while daunting, is the best way to control the environment. You can make sure close friends or family members sit right next to each other and fully have a handle on the arrangement. Plus, some guests might prefer to have a specific seat to go to after the cocktail hour. 
  4. Create a seating chart display. When the “who goes where” of it all is done, you can have some fun with your seating chart display. Commonly shown at the cocktail hour, guests can meander over and see which table number or name they should visit next. You can put alphabetically listed names on a board with the table number or name attached to it. Alternatively, we have seen people get really creative with their setups. From a table of shots or trays of champagne flutes to a map of the world, you can truly do whatever you want for your seating chart display. Just make sure that names and table assignments are written clearly, so there is no confusion among your guests.

You have so much to look forward to on your wedding day, and this to-do list is one of the last logistical factors you need to complete before you say, “I do.” If you find yourself getting stressed out, feel free to lean on your partner and planner for support and get excited about your special day.

Matching Your Purple Wedding Invites to the Rest of Your Stationery Suite

Your purple wedding invites are only one part of your full stationery suite. With Bliss & Bone’s curated collections, you can instantly access a fully designed and coordinating set. We have gone over a few of the key items, but here is a full list of what you should prepare in addition to your purple wedding invites.

  • Wedding website: One of the first tasks you should complete in the process is your wedding website, so it can inform a lot of the decisions you make about your stationery, like purple wedding invites. Remember that the template you choose for the wedding website should coordinate with the rest of the stationery items on your list. 
  • Save the Dates: Your Save the Dates should be made in tandem with your wedding website, as they will give your guests everything they need to officially kick off your celebration. 
  • Rehearsal dinner invites: Around the time that you design your purple wedding invites, you should also expect to send out rehearsal dinner invites. Traditionally, the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner, but you can still offer suggestions so they match your purple wedding invites. 
  • Wedding menus: When guests head over to their seats at the reception, they will see your wedding menus. If you go the digital route for all of your stationery, this could be the one printed piece you order. Still, you can connect them to the digital elements for a cohesive look. 
  • Wedding logo or monogram: Take your wedding to the next level with a logo or monogram that you can attach to your stationery and much more. These typically feature your and your partner’s names or initials, your married last name, wedding date and even an intricate design. With your purchase, you will work directly with a designer to create the best design possible.

The designers at Bliss & Bone have crafted collections to take the guesswork out of your design process. Plus, our custom invitation builder allows you to put your own twist on any of our existing templates. From your purple wedding invites to the menus presented at your reception, creating cohesion is a thoughtful and beautiful idea for all couples.

Get Started on Your Purple Wedding Invites

Now is the perfect time to personalize those purple wedding invitations. As always, the experts at Bliss & Bone are here to help you on your journey to complete the ultimate stationery suite. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us online or email us at