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A Wedding Logo creates a truly personalized and branded experience for your event. Add a Wedding Logo to your Wedding Website, Save the Date or Online Wedding Invitation.

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The Basics of Wedding Logos

If you are planning your dream wedding, you may never have considered the role that a wedding logo could play in making your ceremony and reception something special. Just as corporate logos reflect the mission and attributes of the companies they represent, wedding logos serve as a visual representation of a special relationship.

Creating a wedding logo is usually part of the process of establishing a wedding website or designing your wedding invitations. Your wedding logo should be personal to you and your partner as a couple while reflecting the style you have chosen for your wedding.

Your wedding logo can be used for stationery, invitations and websites to create a specific impression in the minds of those invited to your ceremony and reception and those with whom you come in contact after your wedding. Marriage logos are an excellent choice for creating stationery and other paper products for your correspondence. They can also help you to create a consistent theme for your websites, stationery and entire marriage.

Creating a custom marriage logo can also be a real bonding experience for you and your partner. Looking for wedding logo design inspiration together and designing wedding logos to share with each other can help you pinpoint the most important elements of your relationship. By looking at wedding logo images from the Bliss & Bone marriage logo gallery, you can gain real inspiration to create your own custom wedding logo design.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The right marriage logos can help to make your wedding even more special for you and your partner. Designing unique wedding logos and monograms can help you to grow closer as a couple and can even make the process of planning your wedding an easier one. At Bliss & Bone, we can assist in planning your wedding by helping you to design the perfect wedding website and assisting you in creating beautiful marriage logos that reflect your personal commitment to each other. Your custom wedding logos are suitable for use on wedding websites as well as email announcements and printed invitations to create a pulled-together look for your entire wedding.

What Is a Wedding Logo?

Wedding logos consist of text and images combined to create a unique and stylized representation of the happy couple. In some cases, you can create a marriage logo that consists solely of your last name, your partner's last name or a hyphenated blend of both. This should reflect the names you will use during your life together. You can also choose to use both first and last names to create a more inclusive and specific marriage logo. While text alone can often make a statement, you may want to consider incorporating a meaningful image to reflect your love and commitment.

When planning your wedding, you can find wedding logo design inspiration at Bliss & Bone. We offer a wide range of wedding logos ideas in our marriage logo gallery. Your wedding day is a special event. Our wedding logo images can help you make your wedding day logo just as special for you and your partner.

Why You Need a Wedding Logo

The average cost of a wedding in 2020 was over $30,000. If you are in the process of budgeting for your wedding and managing your wedding planning timeline, you may want to incorporate a marriage logo as part of this process. Some of the most compelling reasons to use wedding logos include the following:

  • Wedding logos are distinctive and can tie together all types of wedding paper goods and online notifications. By adding wedding logo images to your website, invitations and save the date cards, you can make an indelible impression on guests invited to your wedding or visiting your website.
  • Wedding logos are versatile and can be used long after your wedding day to represent you and your partner as a couple on future event websites.
  • Unlike many other mementoes of your wedding, wedding logos do not take up space in your storage areas and can serve as a lasting reminder of this special day and your entire relationship with your partner. One logo file can be stored in very little online space and can be used wherever appropriate.
  • Wedding logos are surprisingly affordable to design and produce.

At Bliss & Bone, our marriage logo gallery can help you to find the perfect wedding logo design inspiration to create your own custom wedding logo design. By taking a look at the wedding logo ideas on display on our site, you can find inspiration for wedding themes to determine the perfect wedding style for your logo.

The Value of Branding

One of the most important reasons to invest in a wedding logo is the branding it can provide for your upcoming event. Logos are one of the ways in which companies distinguish themselves from their competition. By creating a memorable logo for their company and their products, these business enterprises can often achieve better name recognition and an improved position in their market sector.

In a similar way, your wedding logo can create a brand for your ceremony and reception that can increase interest and engagement among your guests. A striking and memorable wedding logo can be used on each page of your wedding website, on your printed or digital wedding invitations and on any other items of décor or stationery that you wish to personalize. This can help you to make the most memorable impression on your friends, family and invited guests.

Wedding logos and marriage logos can generate a response from those who view them. By applying the principles of branding to your custom wedding logo design, you can associate your marriage logo with positive ideas and images of you and your partner together. Branding is an essential element that can allow you to make the most of your wedding logos now and throughout your married life.

Why Branding Matters for Your Wedding

Chances are that you have already chosen a theme for your wedding décor and overall atmosphere. Even though you may not realize it, these choices are important elements in creating a recognizable and appealing brand for your wedding. Your wedding day logo can play a large role in helping guests to distinguish your wedding from others to which they may be invited. Additionally, a marriage logo can be used on stationery and other items shared by you and your partner after your wedding day logo has accomplished its mission of informing guests about your wedding plans.

Your wedding logo can also tie together disparate elements of your décor and design. By applying this small but powerful visual component to napkins, tablecloths and other items of your wedding décor, you can create a cohesive look that will impress your guests and tie your entire wedding look together successfully.

How Much Does a Wedding Logo Cost?

A custom wedding logo design can cost as little as $20 or as much as $500. The price you pay will typically depend on the detail and intricacy of the logo and the area in which you are located. Marriage logos that feature stylized text only can be much more affordable than ornate and detailed wedding day logos that feature unique artworks or extensive design features.

At Bliss & Bone, we can help you to design your invitation online to keep your costs as low as possible. Whether you are planning to create a custom coat of arms logo or a harvest-themed custom wedding logo design for your fall wedding, Bliss & Bone can help you find the perfect wedding logos ideas for this unique reflection of your relationship as a couple.

The Elements of Successful Wedding Logos

Your wedding logo can communicate many things about you and your partner and the relationship you have built together. Some of the most important branding elements of wedding logos and marriage logos include the following:

  • Simplicity: Just as in the business world, keeping your wedding logo simple and straightforward can help it to make a real impact on your target audience. Streamlining your wedding logo can allow you to make a direct and positive impact on your invited guests and others.
  • Visual impact: Making sure your wedding logo makes a positive and dramatic impact can help you to create a lasting impression among your wedding guests. Bold contrasts and effective use of negative space are often key elements in creating maximum impact for wedding logos.
  • Appropriate use of color: Bright and bold colors can often create added visual interest for logos. It is important, however, to avoid color associations that could send mixed signals or that may not show up well on light or dark backgrounds. Wedding logos can be used in many different applications. Making sure your wedding logo will coordinate with other items of your wedding décor can help you to create the perfect wedding day logo for your upcoming reception and ceremony.
  • Unique font choices: The right typography is essential for quality wedding logos. When planning your wedding day logo, you can explore wedding logo samples and images that can give you an idea of the various options available to you in fonts and typefaces. This can help you to create the most beautiful wedding logos and to make them uniquely your own.
  • Balanced imagery: Your wedding logo should be balanced and elegant. While some avant-garde designs play on juxtaposing contrasting elements, your marriage logo should generally be balanced both in color choices and in the way in which the various elements of the wedding logo interact with each other. Creating a balanced look for your wedding logo is a great way to make sure your guests remember it.
  • Easy to read: If your guests cannot read your wedding logo, they are unlikely to be able to remember it and to associate it with you and your partner. Making sure your fonts are clear, readable and make sense for the uses to which you intend to apply your wedding logos can help you to create a custom wedding logo design of which you and your partner can both be proud.
  • Evergreen and timeless: The best wedding logos exist outside of current trends and fads to last for a lifetime. Creating a custom wedding logo design that meets this criterion can be challenging. At Bliss & Bone, our marriage logo gallery and wedding logo samples can serve as the starting point for your own wedding logo design inspiration. We can help you find the wedding logo ideas you need to create a real work of art when designing your marriage logos.
  • Meaningful: Your marriage logo should connect with you and your partner in a meaningful way. By incorporating items or images that are important to you and your relationship, you can create marriage logos that will continue to hold meaning for both of you throughout the rest of your lives together.
  • Vectorized: Making sure that you receive both a wedding logo PNG and a wedding logo vector when the process of designing your wedding logo is complete will ensure the greatest flexibility when using these items. Your wedding logo PNG is ideally suited for use on your digital wedding invitations or wedding websites. By contrast, your wedding logo vector can be adjusted and fine-tuned to work with printed invitations and many other items you will need to create the wedding of your dreams.

Keeping these guidelines in mind when exploring your wedding logo ideas can help you to create a wedding day logo that is flexible and that makes a positive impression on those who see it. At Bliss & Bone, we specialize in marriage logos and wedding logo options that will suit your needs and that will create the right atmosphere for your upcoming ceremony and reception.

What Is a Wedding Logo PNG?

Portable network graphics (PNG) files are designed specifically for use online. These logo files allow for lossless data compression and background transparency, two elements that are important when building your website or sending out paperless invitations to your wedding guests. A wedding logo PNG can allow you to create a distinctive look for all your online wedding content.

Wedding logo PNG files are not usually suitable for printed invitations or other items because they generally feature a lower resolution. While a wedding logo PNG can be adjusted to look great on websites and digital invitations, you will likely need a high-resolution file for printed invitations and other paper goods associated with your wedding. If you are planning on using your wedding website after your ceremony and reception, however, a wedding logo PNG is ideally suited for this purpose.

Determining what types of files will be included with your wedding day logo design can help you to make the most appropriate investment for your wedding plans. At Bliss & Bone, we offer the most transparent information on the types of files you will receive and how much your wedding day logo will cost.

Using Your Wedding Logo PNG

Your wedding logo PNG, like many other types of wedding logo images, can be used to enhance your wedding invitations or as part of your wedding website. While a colorful wedding logo PNG may be ideally suited for online use, it is important to choose a custom wedding logo design that will also look beautiful in black and white. This can allow you to expand the use of your wedding logo PNG beyond the obvious wedding logo ideas and to continue using it as a marriage logo well after your ceremony and reception have concluded.

What Is a Wedding Logo Vector?

Vector graphics files are designed to provide the greatest possible flexibility in size for your custom wedding logo design. While a wedding logo PNG is designed for online use, wedding logo vector files are designed to be scalable and to use geometric forms to create discrete objects for the various elements of your wedding day logo.

Wedding logo vector files may be configured in several ways:

  • Scalable vector graphics or .svg files
  • Adobe Illustration or .ai files
  • Encapsulated PostScript or .eps files
  • Portable document format or .pdf files

Your wedding logo vector file can be used for printed materials as well as online. This can provide you with the greatest possible flexibility when incorporating marriage logos into your invitations, website and other items associated with your wedding and your marriage. By incorporating your vector wedding logo into all elements of your online and printed wedding goods, you can make a real impression on your guests now and for years to come.

Using Your Wedding Logo Vector

The versatility of wedding logo vector files can allow you to adorn almost anything with your wedding logos. Your wedding day logo can be integrated into paper napkins, tablecloths, streamers and many other decorative items that will benefit from the ability to scale your wedding logo vector effectively. Wedding logos can be used in a wide range of applications in their vectorized form, which makes this configuration of your wedding day logo one of the most useful tools in planning your wedding décor.

Types of Wedding Logos

At Bliss & Bone we make it easy to find the right wedding logo ideas with samples of papers and examples of invitations that suit your needs and your aesthetic preferences. There are several different types of wedding logos available through Bliss & Bone and other sources:

  • Text-only logos: Text logos usually incorporate the names of the happy couple. You can use first names only or first and last names to create an elegant text logo in a variety of fonts.
  • Script-only logos: Script is the digital equivalent of calligraphy and can create a beautiful and elegant look for your wedding logo. At Bliss & Bone, we can help you find the most appealing wedding logos ideas for your script-only logo.
  • Text or script accompanied by design elements: Design touches and flourishes can make a significant impact when combined with the text and script for your wedding logo. Bliss & Bone can provide you with a wedding logo sample and wedding logo ideas that demonstrate this type of logo design.
  • Images and text or script: Incorporating a custom image or illustration can often create a new and fresh look for your wedding logos ideas. The Bliss & Bone website is a wonderful way to create a wedding logo sample to find the perfect solution for your big day.

Whether you are looking for wedding logo ideas or interested in seeing how your wedding logo sample will look, Bliss & Bone is a great resource for all your printed and paperless wedding logo requirements.

Finding Wedding Logo Design Inspiration

If you are looking for wedding logos ideas, you can find many wedding logo images and samples on the Bliss & Bone wedding and marriage logo gallery. This can provide you with the wedding logo design inspiration you need to design marriage logos that are precisely right for you. Some of our most popular wedding logos are listed below and can serve as a great starting point for your own journey toward wedding logo design inspiration:

  • Brando Stacked offers the look of handwritten signatures in a neat and nearly square package. These wedding logos can be adapted to suit your color scheme and your preferred text.
  • Hendrix is a popular wedding logo choice. The freeform font used for these wedding logos is well-suited to bohemian or casual wedding themes.
  • The free-spirited font used for Amelie wedding logos can create a breezy and beautiful look for your stationery and websites.
  • Archer wedding logos deliver an elegant and refined look that can provide real wedding logo design inspiration for your marriage logos.
  • As one of our most popular wedding logo samples, Charles features clear, easy-to-read text and an elegant look for your marriage logo.
  • Charlotte wedding logos incorporate a botanical touch with leaves that set off the first names of the happy couple.
  • Lower-case fonts and a clean look set the Elias wedding logo apart from other entries in our marriage logo gallery and can create visual interest for your wedding logo.
  • Elodie features overlapping text to create a compact and elegant look for your marriage logos.
  • An elegant handwritten script is the basis for our Eleanor wedding logo. The Bliss & Bone wedding logo interface makes it easy to create your own version of these wedding logo images.
  • Our Frank marriage logo is framed in a border and includes the date of the wedding and the city in which it will take place for even greater brand recognition.
  • Isabella utilizes bold serif text and combines fonts to create an elegant and unforgettable marriage logo for you and your partner.
  • Clear, easy-to-read text and an accent line make Hunter marriage logos one of the most popular options for couples designing their own wedding logo.
  • As a popular choice in our marriage logos category, Liam provides a serif-free and streamlined version of the first names of the couple and an accent line.
  • Norah marriage logos are encircled in an elegant oval and feature a sans-serif typeface for a clean and simple look.
  • The avant-garde font chosen for our Rowan wedding logos can provide you with inspiration to design your own wedding logos ideas. Bliss & Bone makes it easy to transform our wedding logo images into the perfect marriage logo for you and your partner.
  • The bold and modern look of our Sadie marriage logo can help you to create a specific look and feel for invitations, website headers and other communications and décor related to your wedding.
  • The serif font used for our Tara marriage logos can showcase the first names of you and your partner to create the most elegant wedding logo for you.

If you are looking for wedding logo ideas that speak to you and your partner, Bliss & Bone is a great source for ideas for wedding logos and inspiration for your wedding theme and plans. Our website offers many of the most beautiful and practical wedding logos ideas to help you make the right impact on those who view them. Along with friends and family members, our website is your best source for wedding logos ideas and marriage logos that you can be proud to call your own.

How to Create a Custom Wedding Logo Design

The Bliss & Bone marriage logo gallery is a terrific resource for wedding logos ideas and the best wedding logo samples for your upcoming nuptials. Unlike wedding websites, which can be complex and typically include several different pages, your wedding logo can usually be completed in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose your provider: Bliss & Bone is your best starting point for wedding logo ideas and services that will help you create a beautiful wedding logo that is uniquely your own.
  2. Find the right wedding logo ideas: Our gallery of marriage logos is a great place to find the wedding logos ideas you need to create your own version of these elegant options.
  3. Add your custom text and color choices: Once you have found the perfect wedding logo, you can customize it by adding your own text and colors. This can create marriage logos that are based on our designs but that are unique to you and your partner.
  4. Pay and download: When you are happy with your wedding logo design, you can pay for the logo and download it for use anywhere you like.
  5. Use your marriage logos: Wedding logos can be incorporated into your design, décor and invitations to create a unique look and feel for your entire wedding.

At Bliss & Bone, we make it easy to integrate your own wedding logo ideas into elegant wedding logos for your website, your invitations and your décor.

Where to Use Your Wedding Logo

With about 2.3 million weddings in the United States every year, creating a wedding website can make it easier for your guests to keep track of deadlines and information about your special day. Your wedding logo can be used in both printed materials and online, which makes it an especially important investment in your future and your wedding planning needs Some of the most important reasons you need a wedding website include the following considerations:

  • A wedding website can often save you money in managing the costs of printed invitations. Online invitations can incorporate your wedding logo ideas while reducing costs and demonstrating environmental responsibility for your upcoming nuptials.
  • Your wedding website can also be a point of access for your gift registries both for you and your partner and for those who plan to attend your wedding.
  • Allowing your guests to respond online to your invitations will often increase the reliability and convenience of receiving these R.S.V.P.s from your invitees.
  • Any changes to the wedding itinerary can be made easily online and confirmed through emails to your guests.
  • Detailed directions and maps can be included on the wedding website. This can significantly reduce last-minute questions from guests on their way to your ceremony or reception.

In general, your wedding logo can be used in the following ways:

  • To highlight and enhance your online invitations
  • To create a distinctive look for your wedding website
  • To adorn your paper invitations and save the date cards

Wedding Logo Samples and Styles for Your Big Day

At Bliss & Bone, we can assist you with building your wedding website as well as creating a wedding day logo that will set your website apart from the ordinary.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding logo to represent you as a couple, Bliss & Bone can deliver the best solutions for your needs. Our website is an outstanding resource that allows you to design and create custom logos complete with your wedding colors, font choices and other elements of your wedding day designs. Visit Bliss & Bone online to discover the array of choices we offer in wedding logo design and to begin designing your future together today. At Bliss & Bone, we are here to help you make the best impression for all your wedding logo needs.

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